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Androth / Bio

The following is the ONLY official and authorized bio for the band...

Nameless Project Black is a Metal band that was started in 2010 just for fun, out of the love for the Black Metal style. Though the band plays mostly in the STYLE of Black Metal, they do not call themselves Black Metal because the lyrical content is varied and not confined to Satanic or Anti-Christian content. The band's founding member, Død Gigas (translated to 'Death Giant'), describes the band as "Metal Made Our Way" and says that the band "...doesn't really have a specific or exclusive lyrical genre so I can't call it 'Black Metal' at all. And we also use effects. Not a lot of bands do that. So I'm not going to claim a genre and not be 100% faithful to it."

Død, born in 1983, grew up in a house that was "afraid of metal or heavy music so I rarely heard anything as a child." However, as he got older he found himself more and more in-tuned to heavy metal and hard rock. Død became a fan of bands such as KISS, Queen, and Van Halen in his teens.

Død explains his musical interests and evolution very simply, and vividly; saying "When I heard KISS I was hooked. My Dad came in my room one day while I was listening to the 'Revenge' record and he said 'that's not the real KISS' and gave me the first Alive record. Hearing them was one thing, but SEEING the band opened up a whole new world for me." And thus, the birth of a metal head. "I had to listen to KISS all day, and through their 'shock rock' antics I found bands like Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe and Ozzy, which eventually led me to Metallica. And that's when I became obsessed with metal." Død explained.

Død is an introverted and private person with Social Phobia and a Panic Disorder, which prevents him from doing most anything in public. Combined with ADHD and OCD, most of the music written and / or recorded is deleted before it ever gets uploaded. The "fear of rejection and the fact that I hate everybody" makes being a musician very difficult for Død. However, it has become easier since the band's first incarnation was formed in late 2010.

In 2012, the band added it's second official member, Lola Faye. Lola is a long time friend of Død, and joined the band as the female vocalist. Lola also writes some of the songs. Lola and Død became friends through the Internet and soon discovered they both share similar pasts as well as being (in Død's words) "...pretty fucked up emotionally and really just hate people in general. The way people treat each other is disgusting."

The duo has since become heavily involved in the online metal community, especially the Black Metal community. Død says "I'm listening to Black Metal a lot more often than other styles but I like everything really. If it sounds good I like it regardless of what kind of music it is. If it's good, it's good."

Død has a style all his own that in his words "...sucks but it's my music so I don't care if anyone likes it. I do this for me."

Død has jammed with other musicians in the metal scene but has no plans on forming a full touring band, or releasing any kind of CD. Any music Død decides to record and release to the public will be found online exclusively.

General Info

Band Members
Død Gigas, Lola Faye
Artist Name
Home Page
Active Since
Metal / Black Metal / Death Metal

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Dayton, OH
J.R. Zilla

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