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Mike Mason / Bio

I hate writing Biographies... especially about myself. So I'll touch on the important stuff and hopefully you're just reading this for something to do while you listen to my music... or any music for that matter. Anyway... Thanks for checkin out my little ripple in the Internet Ocean.

There are three places I can truly call home: Maryland, Myrtle Beach, and Tennessee.

I moved to Nashville for music and music alone.

I will gladly cook you something and it will taste awesome thanks to some top notch family schoolin from Mike Mason Sr.

I'm a live music junkie to the max. If there is access to the front row I'll be in it... and I will be meeting the band afterwards. This is thanks to top notch family schoolin by the OG live music junkie... my Nana.

Those people that say 'I like all kinds of music' but they really just like Nickelback... I'm not one of them.

I like ALL kinds of music... except Nickelback (even though The Long Road was cool)

My 2nd favorite art form is cinema.

I've written, I've performed, I've produced, I've booked, I've scouted, I've run live sound, I've promoted, and I've managed for myself and at some point for somebody else. I believe being a jack of all trades is the only way to not sell yourself short in this business.

I've written pop songs, rock songs, funk songs, country songs, hip hop songs, psychedelic songs, blues songs, rockabilly songs, folk songs, and bad songs. (See 'Jack of all trades')

Illegal downloading is wrong. Don't do it. I'm very passionate about this.

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