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Bill Walker Milton / Bio

My Bio In Music

I am an independent artist and i have been playing and making music most of my life...Love music..in all its forms. styles from old country, Dance, hip-hop, techno..and yes even break dance music [which in the day, i thought was sort of a mixed blend of a few different styles, a culmination of Rap, Dance and Funky Techno]
...and then straight to Rock, Hard Rock and Classic Rock and finally Metal, in the form of Dio then Metallica, I grew up with them, everything from A to Z..and in between. So many great tunes,

..and Lots of great parties too!

So i was listening and listening and to be honest..for a lot of years i did not even think of myself as a musician..
much less had any inkling on how to play guitar..but i loved it and admired so many others who were doing it 'you know. During those years of finding myself, through the music of others, i also racked up a pretty vast collection of tunes and memorabilia as well, t-shirts, wristbands, concert stubs and the like..seen Metallica many times and Ozzy too many times to count..and a slew of other great bands.

It wasn't till i heard an album, actually a song, back in the early 80's and it was called 'Fade to black' by none other than the band Metallica..This song did a Total number on me, and quite literally got 2 me, y'know...and then i heard a few others on that particular album..and i knew right way Music was in me, i could feel every note..every word James hetfield sang, they hung on me for days weeks even months after each listen. Almost like the very the pain i felt' he felt, someone in the world was feeling what i was feeling..sadness depression, anxiety all that! A year later i bought my 1st guitar and started on my new journey,..painfully i will admit at first..and for quite a long time after that.i played and learned...7 days a Week whenever! Wherever! 4 to 5 hours in the beginning then eventually up to 12 hours some days. and probably much to the chagrin of many of my friends...And family..cause admittedly..i sucked pretty bad in the beginning.....but i pressed on..and eventually, i did learn...I learned how to play every song on that album..and eventually many, many others as well. So if there's a lesson in there anywhere..it is to never give up and Press on, and you will have success, you will conquer!

During this learning process i eventually did find myself and developed my own style of playing and writing..which to this day i am still exploring and fine tuning, through constant writing and learning. if anything i can say that it has only deepened my appreciation of music altogether..in all its complexities and intricacies...Music is truly the essence of knowledge and embodiment of ones soul and self, in all its glory...shining outwardly!

Currently these days i am just working and finalizing songs for my 1st Country album..and just really enjoying the process, ya' know..it is a bit different in some ways than your traditional country or New Country album but not so much that its unrelatable or anything like that..if anything my approach is a little different than alot of mainstream music out there that's really about the only difference.

As a side project i have also been writing a few songs for an all rock based album with definitely some edgier stuff on it..dealing more with love, lust, anger, angst, death and betrayal..in a more aggressive manner you might say..
cause'hey lets face it' just like life also is sometimes fast and furious..'Go big or go home' that sorta thing..exploring human emotions with less inhibitions..i guess thats a nice way to put it. [As i was saying i am partial to both styles of music..was raised on country as a kid everything from Elvis to Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton to Merle haggard and Conway Twitty...and the 'Metal' starting in my teens: ..Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Motley crue, Black Widow, Dokken, Accept, Megadeth, Metallica, even Phil Collins his work in and out of Genesis, brilliant work at that].

Anyways' this is a little about how my internship started, as a musician. If you want to know more then ask me for an interview and i'll do my best to oblige you, but if u want get the best on me as a musician..then this is the best place to start. Please feel free to take quotes, phrases, what have you directly from this short synopsis...as this is mainly why i decided to sit down and write this in the 1st place..[as i'm sure most people already know i can play]. And as i' ve said before, i feel like my journey has only begun most of the time, so keep looking forward to 'A Lot more' great music! salute!
To music and the infinite possibilities, 'the gift that continuously gives back to human spirit' and just feeling good!....its far better than the alternatives!...;-)

~Bill Walker Milton

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Bill Walker Milton - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Bill Walker Milton
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