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Sofa Kings Toned / Bio



A band that writes music with a Rock to Hard Rock feel while packing in a modern punch that often takes songs to the line of the world of Metal. SKT's songs are mostly from the heart about real situations and feelings, with some craziness added to ease the depression and anger that seems to somehow creep into everyone's lives from time to time. New sounds keep creeping in...along with a little more of everything else,,bit by bit..

A couple of friends kept things going while Shuffles Shuffled, but now that Shuffles is back, Sofa Kings Toned plans to progress faster than ever. "The Hiatus is over, the studio recordings must now be done."

Keep your eye out for the upcoming EP in 2014, and the restored momentum that the hiccups in 2013 paused from the progress SKT was making in 2012. Sofa Kings Toned has seen first hand that things really do happen for a reason, apparent setbacks and near endings of the band that occurred through most of 2013 served to strengthen the resolve, music, and sense of family SKT strives to achieve.

SKT ~ Sofa Kings Toned consists of....

Shuffles - Influenced by old Rock as you can hear in his many songs that came back to SKT with him. Shuffles couldn't be away from being Sofa Kings Toned for long. Shuffles Southern charm backed by his Southern voice gives SKT a diversity not often found in a band. One minute you're in a powerful Hard Rock/Metal song, the next you are back into the classic 70s sounds he loves so much, then end up in the Highlands of a Celtic Dream

Father Time - Raisin and Shuffles prior band's music pierced his skull while working in his backyard garden. When that band broke, he was happy to find that most of the songs he liked, happened to be Shuffles songs. When Shuffles shuffled, it was a loss. Now that Shuffles has returned, SKT is stronger than ever! In Shuffles absence Father Time was forced to finally take up Vocals after many years of wanting only to focus on his Bass. He found that he actually enjoys doing both, especially once he found that the doors opened to many songs he had in his pocket for years.

Raisin - Has to play drums. He plays with a church band to fill the void between SKT rehearsals and shows. His past infuences of the 80s Metal/Black Metal scene help to make the rythym section of this band very cohesive with Father Time, who was travelling the same path in those days. Pick a song in any Genre he starts playing it and singing the correct words instantly more often than not. Raisin prefers to have as many sounds to hit as possible to facilitate his drumming to capture the many different styles that are incorporated in the bands songs.This resulted in a huge drum set. The heavier the better most of the time, but every song that is a good song he enjoys and plays like the master drummer he is. Often sound Engineers that have never met Raisin have that "OMG" look about them at first when they see his set, but after hearing that everything in the set has its place and is utilized with finesse, all are excited about the challenge the 2nd time around.

Prior to 11-11-11 Shuffles heard some music coming from around the block. Though having only played guitar for a couple years by himself in the shower, working on writing songs and vocals on his own, he immediately drove around the block to see where those sounds were coming from. He found old Raisin playing drums with a couple young bloods, offered to add a guitar and was accepted into the mix. The 4 Jays were born.
October 2011
Ego's and age differences had gotten the best of the 4 Jays and the band broke. By then Raisin and Shuffles knew though they had a lot of good music together that did not leave with the 2 Jay's.
Shuffles asked Father Time to come over to jam, and he did. All the songs and all three personalities fell into place immediately, with the added bonus of the entire band living within seconds of each other and a new band was formed.
A few weeks later when everyone felt secure with the new lineup, Father Time came to rehearsal with a scrap of paper with 3 words written upon it. He handed it to the drummer as he passed by with his gear. In seconds, Raisin shouted "That's it! That's what we are going to call ourselves!" He the handed the paper to Shuffles who also agreed.
From that day, Sofa Kings Toned, Father Time's choice for a few other bands names that lost the vote in previous years, was born and will exist for years to come if the Sofa King crazy world we all live in will cooperate. But as everyone who has ever strived for something more knows, there are always trials to endure to test strength, resolve and character. SKT has been proven to be no more immune to this fact of life than any ONE else in this harsh world we live in.
October 22nd, 2012
SKT had been playing shows every 4-6 weeks since May. Father Time found that Shuffles had a family crisis and was moving his family back to his old haunts in the sticks of Virginia. The band had 2 gigs they were committed to at this time. One was on the 26th, which left about 86 hours till show time, and another on November 17th. He called his grade school friend Guitaro. Guitaro graciously saved SKT's word and covered both the shows and was SKT till he decided to part ways in March. Father Time and Raisin worked on new stuff till Shuffles came back late October.
SKT is now determined to keep the momentum they had lost before. Many new songs, a lot more aggression have taken effect for regular sets, but with 3+ hours of diverse songs, mostly original with a few covers, SKT also has sets that have a song or ten for nearly everybody.

"There are songs you have that almost push too heavy but not quite, and then there are softer songs for people that prefer that, but wont chase away those who like the heavy stuff. Everything else in between has such a groove to it anyone can like it no matter what they normally listen to!"
Rita Thorstiens

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Shuffles-Guitar/Vocals ~ Father Time-BASS/Vocals ~ Raisin-Drums/Vocals
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Sofa Kings Toned
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El Mirage, AZ
Todd Hausmann

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