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VioletG. / Bio

...."Pink Floyd touring Australia in a 'Jefferson Airplane' with a pilot in stilettos"....

The formation of VioletG is an interesting story indeed. Gather all your treats and sit around the camp fire.
It all began during a bank robbery. All four of them were either depositing money or yelling at the bank manager when all of a sudden – BAM – robbers came busting into the bank with guns flailing wildly.
Luckily, the four of them all knew karate so they took down the robbers with ease. The police congratulated them with the highest honours from the mayor of Sydney. It was then they decided to band together and become a superhero team. But it was a complete failure after their first mission, when they were trying to stop a robbery at a jewellery store. There were three casualties, one of them being an elderly person who had to go get a hip replacement from all the excitement.
They then realised why they should be a superhero team when they could band together and become a band? So on that day, VioletG was born.
Band members include:
• Alicia, the singer. She plays the guitar and keyboard and obviously sings. Duh. Though sometimes she likes to make terrible guitar and drum sound effects. It's a good thing she's a guitarist/pianist/singer and not a beat boxer because she would be terrible at it, giving literal meaning to the term "starving artist".
• Jacob, the guitarist. He has a flaming axe (like, literally, his guitar transforms into an axe and goes up in flames from time to time). It's possible he's the only person that doesn't judge Alicia for playing in A minor and C major exclusively (not that there's anything wrong with playing in those keys).
• Stu, the bassist. He has really bad hearing and thinks people are talking about him when they say certain words, such as, "Daihatstu", and phrases such as, "I love stu". But even so, it doesn't stop the fact that he can actually hear and therefore play the bass.
• Wendy, the drummer. BZZZT ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND ON WENDY BZZZT. We don't know much about Wendy because according to Jacob, she is like "the Batman of the group". All we really know is that because she is a drummer, she can't get laid and has no friends.

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Alicia Gunn - Vocals, guitar, keys; Jacob Ritcher - Lead Guitar; Stu Fly - Bass, Keys; Wendy - Drums
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