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X-RAY IMIJ (Jimi Hendrix Tribute) / Bio

Welcome...we are X-RAY IMIJ...(Ray Gervato on Guitar & Vocals, Jeff Summerton on Bass, and Mitch Phillippe on Drums (*in Videos only) John Young remains on the 2 old audio trax). A South Jersey trio dedicated to recapturing both the studio and live sound of the ledgendary Jimi Hendrix! :) *Sure, we don't LOOK like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, but we do try our best to SOUND like them somewhat. Our passion and respect for Jimi's music has led us to a faithful attempt at the replication of many of the songs he wrote, played, and covered. ANY doubters who would denounce Jimi Hendrix's true importance and contribution to the music we know today (as a pioneer of his era- to the present) or, who say he was overrated, are completely ignorant of the FACTS. His playing and creativity (*not to mention recording techniques), WERE ahead of most others of HIS era AND opened up new musical possibilities through his vast influence ON MANY a guitarist in the decades since his untimely death in 1970. Thus, from 1967-1970 going forward, Jimi Hendrix stood the entire world of electric guitar playing on it's head... with his creativity, performances, playing, and sheer prowess. (Axis)*Bold as Love.....indeed.

*There are MORE VIDEO clips on here, than there are audio traX -because our new demo is not finished yet. However, an audio upgrade IS in the worX...but has been delayed until later this Summer. *YET any day now...I am prepared to FINALLY put something UP! An unmastered version (as of yet) of HEY JOE. (Thus far, our only content here are 2 old audio trax AND a video assortment from the past year with our *new drummer Mitch -until these recordings are at long last, completed. The most recent video, is our version of"Voodoo Child"...followed by the **Star-Spangled Banner (AS the climax of this show)...Thanx for visiting our reverbnation page... and stay tuned for our new 10 song Jimi Hendrix cover LP coming later in 2014!

*And please feel free to visit our Jimi content on the X-RAY IMIJ / Facebook page. Thanx again!

General Info

Band Members
Ray Gervato - Guitar/Vocals, ~ Jeff Summerton - Bass, ~ Mitch Phillippe - Drums (on all videos) & John Young - drums/percussion *only on the 2 audio traX.
Artist Name
X-RAY IMIJ (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)
Home Page
Active Since
Rock / Blues/Tribute/ GOT (LIVE) HENDRIX?

Contact Info

Mullica Hill, NJ
We are holding out for the right 1...

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