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Nino Martino / Bio

Italian composer and musician living and working in Milan | Genre: ambient electronic, glitch, IDM, modern classical, soundtracks, soundscapes

Nino Martino was born on January 23, 1981 in Cinquefrondi, Italy, a small town in the Province of Reggio Calabria, but spent his childhood in Taurianova. From an early age he demonstrated a significant interest in the arts having a particular fascination for music. This fascination would not falter as already in elementary school he would participate in all possible musical activities. He soon learned to play the flute, the first instrument of many that he would devoted himself to. At the age of 10 he received, as a gift, a guitar and as an autodidact began studying classical. The complexities of teaching himself classical guitar lead to inevitable
difficulties, but slowly his understanding of composition improved. And he soon began to write his own music.
A fundamental instrument of classical music is the piano. A fundamental situation in the life of an artist can arguably be said to be those that fall in the category of ironic. In this sense the presence of a piano at the home of an aunt was classic love at first sight. Ironically soon after his discovery he and his family almost immediately moved to the north of Italy to Verona, very far from that piano he so desired.
Although separated from his desire his fascination for music itself never left and finding content in this he continued to practice on the guitar and the flute.
After some time he moved back to Taurianova. There he eventually set aside enough money to buy an electric guitar and amplifier. Together with some friends he started first rock band ‚Diathrema‘ with which he redevoted himself to writing new songs. These were years of valuable training, great sacrifice, and even the smallest of satisfactions.
As time passed he decided to go to university in Cosenza, thus causing him to leave ‚Diathrema‘ (which had changed its name to ‚Just In Prose‘). At university he got to know other musicians and became a member of other bands and ,most notably during this time, he joined ‚Mastro Don and Saint Ferdinand‘ (an avant-jazz group where he plays the clarinet).
Not long after university and his adventures in music he decided to again change instruments and began playing bass. Once again redevoting all his energies to the study of his new found interest. He then founded the progresive band ‚John Doe‘ with his friend drummer, Giodee Di Bartolo. Not long the two decide to add singer, Giuseppe Barresi. The chemistry between the three shows in the rehearsal room and translates to two records „Osmoplasy“ and „8 Diagrams“. Live shows evetually follow and he continues to play bass in ‚John Doe‘. In the summer of 2010 he traveled to Iceland, where the ground falls away, a foreshadowing of sorts where his fascination and experience would eventually open yet again another chapter of adventures. After returning to Italy he soon created another group, ‚Kerid‘ along with his friend, Alessio Calivi. With ‚Kerid,‘ he was allowed to again redevote himself as he entered the world of electronical, ambient and trip-hop. All leading him to experiment with new sounds and new ways of thinking about music.
Never to lay passive and think his evolutionary process is over he, now at the age of 31, decided to take another path, a total personal journey. In March 2012 he has been dedicated to the composition of music for film. He has established a good working relationship with a friend of his, visual-art artist Noil Klune. He composes songs making audio backdrops to coincide with the visual works of Klune. His style spans a timeless portrait mixing classical music with electronical tones and rhythms. And ironically his fundamental need to continuously redevote himself to something that started as fascination has allowed him for the first time to use his real name, Nino Martino.

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Nino Martino
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Nino Martino
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Ambient / Electronica / IDM

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Milan, IT

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