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UNCLE MIK MINI BIOGRAPHY (Joined ReverbNation 25th April 2012)


Many people are blessed with an outstanding musical talent and some of these highly talented individuals take time to practice and perfect their craft and then decide to enter into the exciting, potentially lucrative and very competitive world of music. Some of these ambitious individuals go on to become very successful in their own rights achieving their goals and ambitions. The flip side of this is the sad fact that many musically talented people choose to work in a dead end job with no realistic prospects, instead of taking that risk to see if they could have been successful in the world of music. Michael Burnett better known by his rap alias, Uncle Mik (pronounced as Mike), took that financial risk and established his own private limited company, Uncle Mik Music Limited in 2012. His new mixtape, The Mixtape 4 3, is packed with witty word play, conscious lyrics, sharp metaphors and versatile rap flows. The debut of Uncle Mik’s website, unclemikmusic.com, heralds the arrival of a gifted and creative songwriter, entrepreneur, rapper and music producer, one whose music production is made without the use of samples.


Growing up in South East London’s, Lewisham borough in England, Michael wrote and performed his first rap with his brother Joe assisting with the beat-box, for his Mother, the late Joan Fay Burnett and his Aunt Joyce at the young age of nine. He reflects, “when I was young, I used to create beats and melodies in my mind and think to myself, if only I had the facilities to create my own beats I’m sure I could.” Inspired to rap by the likes of his cousin Sean aka Lothario the Legend, Wu Tang Clan, Redman, EPMD, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Nas, Lauren Hill, Da Brat and many others, he started developing his songwriting skills and rap flows at the age of fifteen. Four years later, Michael purchased his first Yamaha keyboard and took the time out to practice playing it for the next four years. This would prove to be a great asset later on in his life when he would begin to self-produce music. Michael joined, the group, Elements Bound in 2000 after being recognized for his lyrical talent. Steve aka S.G.T, the founder of Elements Bound, taught Michael so many valuable lessons, such as music production, rapping with character in his voice and he also taught Michael not to rely on anyone else for anything.

One thing is for sure, Michael has always wanted to become his own boss. He explains, “For a long time I have been saying, I do not want to work for someone else I want to be my own boss.” After being dismissed as a Recruitment Liaison Officer working for C.D.G in 2007, he used his last wages to invest in his home recording studio. He spent the next 2 years producing music in the genres of Rap/Hip Hop, R&B and Classical without the use of samples. In 2009, he independently released his own EP titled, ‘Conscious Rap’ which he self-produced to promote his talents as a conscious rapper and a producer. His song ‘Conscious Rap’ off his EP went on to receive airplay on London’s Flames FM and his song ‘The Youth Growing Up’ was showcased by Selecta Cobra for a month on London’s, Metrolove Radio. Michael was determined to reach an international audience so he signed up with Broadjam.com and he utilized his dormant Youtube account. He uploaded three songs from his EP and all three of his songs reached the Alternative Rap Charts on Broadjam.com with his song ‘Conscious Rap’ reaching number one.
Michael was quickly recognized for his lyrical talent on Broadjam.com and he was approached by a producer, Mr. A. Stolting from Toronto, Canada to feature on his remix titled ‘I am a Champion’ with Junior Lou, which he gladly done. He also got recognized for his talent on Youtube when his song ‘Life’ reached the Spotlight highlighting the top 100 songs in the U.K. His song ‘Life’ received the awards: #30 - Most Discussed, #98 - Top Favored and #97 - Top Rated music in the U.K. He explains “my previous Youtube channel attracted a lot of fans and attention and I was bugged when it mysterious got shut down.” I was so happy when I received a positive comment on Youtube from Jin the rapper for my song ‘Life’ and very excited when I received a very interesting message from an affiliate of Naughty by Nature’s manager highlighting how he liked my song ‘The Paper Chase.’ I didn’t need any more confirmation to continue walking the path I believe I was destined to walk.”

On the 18th of November 2010, Uncle Mik began putting together a promotional mixtape titled ‘One Love the Mixtape.’ After some careful consideration, he decided not to release it due to the fact that he thought it would not create the type of impact he would have ideally wanted. On February the 18th 2012, Uncle Mik began recording his new promotional mixtape, ‘The Mixtape 4 3.’


Uncle Mik is currently about to release his mixtape on CD format and via internet download. His website unclemikmusic.com is currently under construction and will be launched later on this year in 2012. He intends to have a launch party for when his website goes viral and it will be video recorded and uploaded to his website for his fans and potential fans to watch and enjoy. He will be attending open mic events at The Brixton Jamm, New Cross Inn Pub and many other places in and around London promoting his mixtape in order to gain more fans and hone in on his stage performance. Uncle Mik’s promotional mixtape, The Mixtape 4 3, will be promoted internationally via radio, the internet via social networking sites and blogs to do with rap music and should galvanize the attention of rap fans globally with its clever mix of lively and laid back songs. Uncle Mik’s mixtape was well thought through, from beginning to end and it’s destined to create a great impact on the global rap scene with his witty rap flows and engaging lyrical content.

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