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"Occam's razor (also written as Ockham's razor, Latin lex parsimoniae) is the law of parsimony, economy or succinctness. It is a principle urging one to select among competing hypotheses that which makes the fewest assumptions and thereby offers the simplest explanation of the effect."

Obsolete's debut EP, "Ockham's Razor," embodies this concept. Simple, yet powerful music, complex in its depth and level of emotion, coupled with truthful, soul-searching lyrics, will send the listener on a journey and perhaps help one to understand this great philosophical concept: Simplicity...

Dan Rivera started making music as a youth when he first learned to play the bass guitar. Picking up drums and then guitar over the years, he spent a lot of time writing metal riffs for an unknown project called Disenthrall with Miyuki Morris. This unfortunately never saw the light of day and was disbanded.

In 2009, Dan picked up his acoustic guitar and began to write simpler, more personal songs. These songs grew, electric guitars, and other layers were added, and Obsolete was born. With the help of his brother, Matt Rivera, and dear friend, Lloyd Martin, Dan recorded Ockham's Razor in February 2012 with engineers Richard Schneider and Joey Hendrickson.

Jason Hufford (an old friend and drummer for The Conquering) teamed up with Dan and Lloyd for live performances! Steven George then joined on bass and backing vocals, thus completing the lineup. Shows have commenced, world domination awaits!!

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Dan Rivera, Lloyd Martin, Jason Hufford, Steven George
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Rock / Progressive Rock

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Columbus, OH

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