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Waste Band Radio / Bio

Waste Band Radio is a New Jersey songwriting duo that fuses a driven rock and retro alternative air with a post punk attitude that is enveloped with a melodic sensibility and thought provoking lyrics that are stirring yet playful. The Launch of their new 5 song ep, "Ascent" dictates the emergence of WBR style.

...but what do you hear when you dial in Waste Band Radio? Rock and Roll, that's what you hear... crunching, dissonant guitars that surround catchy melodies and intelligent lyrics over driving post punk rhythms without forgetting a subtle nod to the 80's. That's what you get. And did we mention there's lots of guitar?

It's a whole lot of sound for just 2 guys. Simple concept - create for the sake of creating. The duo of
Dennis Garrity (vox, keys) and Pete Rossi (not vox and not keys) take their love for punk, industrial, new wave 80's, classic rock, and power pop, throw it in a blender, and mix up their favorite cocktail. The result is the energetic and hummable set of music found on "Ascent".

When Garrity and Rossi originally met, there was an obvious musical chemistry, which led them to form the Jersey shore band Sight Unseen, with Garrity on keyboards and Rossi on bass, sharing the singing duties. Sight Unseen was an experimental band, choosing to remain outside the many punk rock clone bands on the scene and create songs that pushed the envelope, fusing melody and dissonance with a psychedelic edge. The band released the self-produced album "Earth Above and the Sky Below" before going their separate ways.

Garrity went on to pursue the Jersey shore cover band circuit behind the keyboards surfing the many genres of the 70's, 80's and 90's in "Slap Rabbit". Growing up exposed to the music world by the talents of his father, he has continuously been involved with the latest synth technologies which played a major role developing his diversified approach to writing and recording the solo project "Nice Doggy" which showcases his unique vocal stylings over experimental keyboards integrated with a driven industrial musical style.

Garrity's inspiration and influences include Beatles, Squeeze, Kraftwerk, The Stranglers, XTC, The Cure, Depeche Mode, bauhaus, 311, NIN, Soul Coughing, Live, Incubus, and Porcupine Tree.

Rossi went on to work with the NJ based pop rock band, The Blases, just coming off the premier of their first video on MTV's show 120 minutes. After moving to New Brunswick, NJ (then a hub of original music), he played in a variety of different projects and launching a successful open mic at Tumulty's pub. Eventually, Rossi joined the legendary Mad Daddys out of Perth Amboy NJ, playing bass on the Flipside/RAFR release of the live album "Get Yer Ta Ta's Out" and playing bass on and writing the majority of the music on the Flipside/RAFR release "The Age of Asparagus". Known for their over the top live shows, The Mad Daddys performed all over the US and Europe spreading the word of Rock and Roll.

Rossi's inspiration and influences include The Stooges, Ministry, Killing Joke, The Damned, Daisy Chainsaw/Queenadreena, Cheap Trick, The Who, and Queens of the Stone Age.

Fast forward....Rossi and Garrity reconnected and decided to get back to work. Picking up where they left off, they began creating the music that led to "Ascent". Only, this go-around, they agreed that working as a duo was the way to go. "Ascent" is an energetic collection of music, with no holds barred. With the intermittent use of electric, acoustic, and baritone guitars fusing together melodic and dissonant chording, Waste Band Radio catches your attention immediately while keyboards sometimes tip the feel into an almost pop and definitely add just the right flavor to the atmosphere to let the thought provoking lyrics breathe melodically over the musical swirl. Add in some solid rock and roll drum rhythms, mix it up, and Waste Band Radio is what you get when your hard rock thirst needs quenching! So go ahead.....pour one and drink it up.....this is just the beginning.

Waste Band Radio is currently finishing up tracks for their second release.
For more information, visits them on their Facebook page

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Peter Rossi - Guitar/Bass/Drums, Dennis - Vocals/Keys/Production
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Waste Band Radio
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Rock / Retro Alternative

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Wall Township, NJ

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