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Inkriminate / Bio

Name: Inkriminate/Born Nate (no birth certificate on file)
Occupation: Musician/producer/videographer/photographer/writer/graphic designer/”philosopher of filth”
DOB: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Family: No biological guardians on file
Last Known Location(s): Longmont, Colorado/Denver, Colorado (exact location(s) unknown)
Affiliation: Juggalo
Known Associates: Assassinate, Genocide, The Soujas of Misfortune, Spazzy, Trademrk, Solja,

Psychological Profile: He appears to be Sophisticated, educated, well versed, yet vulgar, violent, disturbed, and incredibly hostile. Though bearing the characteristics of a gentleman, and a sociopath comparable to Hannibal Lector, this is the first time we have classified someone as a TRUELY FUCKED UP INDIVIDUAL.

Inkriminate is a mysterious figure with almost no record or trace until recently at the dawn of 2013 with the birth of several social network sites. His birthplace is estimated to be between Silt or Rifle, Colorado both about 1 hour(s) east of Grand Junction (though no records can confirm it). We know he is a confirmed practicing Satanists, out spoken Libertine, and a self proclaimed “philosopher of filth”. He is a musician who produces a certain style of music called “horrorcore” which is based with horror movie references, dirty raw instrumental beats, and incredibly violent and “gleefully vulgar” lyrics. His known musical works are compiled on two (2) CDs or “Mixtapes”, Chapter 1: Stolen Confessions, and Chapter 2: Original SinZ which he has made available for download. These are the only known produced works by him, but sources tell us that he plans to release a third Album later in 2013. The exact release date as of now is unknown. More in background...

Intel shows that Inkriminate was birthed estimated around 1988 and 1990 to unknown parents. He was found on the doorstep New Hope Church in Silt, Colorado (no sources can confirm actual birthplace or DOB). He stayed at New Hope for the first 6 years of his accountable life where he was reportedly “a problem child” and was frequently beaten by the Pastors and the other children. The line blurs when he disappeared from New Hope in 1999 after the mysterious deaths of several children and 4 Pastors. Though we believe this is more than coincidence we still haven’t been able to link him to any of the deaths. We believe this may be the reason for his Satanic religious views. New Hope Church denied comment when we contacted them. We have however been questioning his relation to several disappearances of Pastors, rapists, murderers, and convicted child molesters in these areas between 1999 and 2002. He surfaced in Grand Junction in 2003 when he was adopted by Suzannah and Robert Harris, two married full time musicians. Reports say he had a good family life with them though they never fully understood how someone so young could obtain a Satanic Bible and understand it. We questioned the parents:

“Suzannah: Yes, he was a very dark child, he would laugh hysterically when he watched his slasher movies, and whenever he wasn’t writing or listening to Bob (Robert) recording a song he was always reading that Satanic Bible. That was all he ever did. Write in his mini pin pad, learn from my husband, and read that book. But through all the time we had him he never once showed any hostility towards Bob and I. He loved us. The only instance was when he broke another boy’s jaw and chewed off his bottom lip for calling me a bitch. Other than that, he was and always will be the sweetest, compassionate and most caring boy I’ve ever known.”

“Robert: That was a bit scary when he chewed off half of that kid’s face. But he called my wife a bitch, so what the hell. He was actually very interested in music. I remember we used to sit in my studio, I’d be programming a new song and he’d just be watching like I was performing a miracle....He was a strange boy, but he was MY strange boy.”

But not all the family agreed. When we interviewed the grand parents they said quote: “That little bastard is the devil himself. I hope bob smartens up and takes that little f**ker out in his sleep”. and “What they see in that tiny freak I will never know”.
There is another blur between 2004 and 2010 where apparently Inkriminate became obsessed with music after re emerging once again in Longmont, Colorado, and picked up recording, producing, and instrumentation. His specialty being the guitar. He met an individual who calls himself Assassinate and according to our sources have remained close friends ever since. It is Assassinate we believed that introduced him into the Juggalo lifestyle. Local sources tell us he then hired himself out as a freelance guitar player in rockabilly and psychobilly bands touring around the country for two years. Multiple sightings have been reported in Canada as well. Something went wrong though. Interviews with the parents revealed he walked through the door and said “F**K these stupid people. Humanity is a curse! From now on I do this only for me, and my motherf**king Juggalos”. After that he disappeared into the basement. Only leaving for food and to hang out with Assassinate. We tried to question Assassinate mainly why he would help such a maniac but he replied quote: “F**k you piggy that’s my homie. You don’t know that fool like I do”. Our intelligence as of now shows that he recently left his basement creating pages on Facebook, Sound Cloud, and other various social networks. As of now the only pieces we have are his music and various posts which we have used to create a psychological profile. All we know, this one SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP INDIVIDUAL. Last confirmed sightings have been throughout downtown Denver and a popular Hip Hop venue called "The Roxy". More Intel will be provided as it comes.

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Inkriminate (lyrics, beats, engineering, production)
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Other / Hip Hop / Horrorcore

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Longmont, CO

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