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Raphael Jones / Bio

Raphael Jones is a complex and conceptual rapper who raps about the future and the things considered as the next generation of hip hop music. The Clan-X music bio is one that explains what goes on in the advanced universe of Clan-X, while it is converted into the sound of Hip Hop music, along with varieties of other music art styles as well. The comic book of Clan-X in itself is an advanced society of beings as well as a fighting force from out the future that travel all over the universe to planets to explore them and make followers of them to get them to join their allegiance due to a vast universal conflict that threatens all existence. If a planet agree to join Clan-X to help defend this vast universal threat, Clan-X will fix up the planet enriching them with vast universal knowledge, technology, immortality, an enhanced spirituality, and many more advancements against fighting the evil entities known as The Endless Army, which is a fighting force ran by the villain Omega Optamatram. Clan-X lived in the universe for millions of countless years, being among the most advanced society in the universe, second only to the Endless Army. While some planets proved advanced to Clan-X, some planets are inferior to Clan-X which also proved a burden for Clan-X to overturn in beliefs. However, one way Clan-X lure a planet is through the power of music. Though a planet’s belief system have proved a burden for Clan-X to overturn, the power of music from Clan-X is by far so universally dynamic, that whole planets are touched in all aspects of lives, no matter what the degree the planet’s beliefs are. All created by Raphael J Jones; The comic book of Clan-X is essentiates in all ages, though it is adult context, the book of Clan-X is also available, featuring over 100 storylines. T-Shirts and other Clan-X accessories are available also. The creation of this style of music is what Raphael Jones coins as “Comic Book Music”, as he sees it as the next generation of Hip Hop Music! The music is a conceptual and futuristic one given that it comes out the universe of Clan-X showing what music sound like in the advanced future of Clan-X. The album is one that not only shows the complex music of this advanced society, but also gives a new vision in the future aspect of it as well! Clan-X books are available on Amazon. Get yours today!

General Info

Band Members
Raphael Jones (Calvin Jones, Jahnathan Jones, Quinn Wilkerson. - Production Staff)
Artist Name
Raphael Jones
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Rap / Techno / Comic Book Music

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Dayton, OH
Calvin Jones

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