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CKT SLICK aka Big Z.I.L.L.A.H., Born November 29th, "Slick" Isiah Richard Jr., in New Orleans, Louisiana, Moved to Decatur, GA at age 5 with his mother's sister Albertha and her husband Joseph Fleming. Slick was apart of a transgressive family looking to progress from the lulls and inequities of rural life to a progressive urban hotspot that was Atlanta, GA in the Mid 80's. Although always raised inpoverished according to the national definition, Slick was always appreciative of what he had and always valued loyalty and true friendship over material possessions. When his mother moved to Georgia from New Orleans, she moved the family to Clarkston, Georgia in 1989. Growing up in Clarkston, Georgia was an eye opening experience in the 1990's. Although a "bedside" suburb of Atlanta, Georgia; Clarkston aka Crackston is a deceptive area that appears to be lifeless and dull, with not much happening. The truth is everything that is happening, ususally is happening indoors. Clarkston is a notorious redzone for drugdealers, drugusers, prostitutes, murderers, robbers, jackers, crime bosses, and foreign gangs and crime rings. Slick was raised in a black christian family, but he is also his mother's only child and was raised in a single parent home for the majority of his youth. Slick realized his passion for music and hip hop culture at age 11 after spending time in studio with his uncle, Jazz Fusion Musician, Bernard Hampton. Uncle B, as Slick refers to him, allowed Slick and his cousins Todd Jones & Allen (Now DJ A-ROCK) "Rock" Hampton Jr. a chance to experiment with instrumentals, writing, and recording in exchange for carwashing. This moment in his life is where Slick began development of his skills. He and his cousins formed the group L.B.D. (Louisiana Bound Dogs) in 1993. Slick along with neighborhood friends in the then famous Forrest Cambridge Apartments (now Clarkston Pines) used to rap in cypher style with a group called the FCC (Forrest Cambridge Clikk) on the electric box on the hill night after night, honing and crafting his talent. Years passed and as his style developed and morphed, Slick began rapping with two upperclass seniors at Clarkston High School from San Francisco and Brooklyn respectively. The group named, Three Assassins, had as eclectic of a sound as the origins of its members; but the chemistry, work ethic, creative process and recording procedures developed were all a foundation for Slick's development as an artist.
During Slick's growth as an artist from age 11 thru today, Slick also developed as a man. Being raised in a city like Clarkston, Georgia you may have polar opposite experiences in life all depending on where you live in the city. Slick was raised on both sides. In his early years living in Clarkston, he was a young boy venturing off to the nice areas of the city just to get away from the violence and negativity that surrounded the neiighborhood. As Slick got older and his family moved to a nicer part of the city, Slick always returned and often times stayed with friends back in the slums due to how strongly he values loyalty and frienship. As a young man, it's at this point in his life where he began to develop character. Isiah Richard Jr., was always a student athlete from Elementary through High School. Slick played youth league bowling, football, and baseball as well as boy scouting. Slick as a high school student played football, wrestling, and ran track, running the 800m & 1600m as his specialty events. Slick was a model student athlete, but Slick led a different life away from school. Slick smoked weed and drank with friends, kicked doors, stole cars, sold drugs, gang banged girls, pimped by federal definition, and hustled throughout the majority of his entire high school and college education at Florida A&M University. Slick naturally developed a sense to detect bullshxt from both sides of life, liberal and conservative. Slick honed a gift to communicate and relate from the most prudent personalities to the most reviled characters life has to offer without showing bias or allegiance to one or another by simply understanding that no one human being is like any other and that allegiance to self starts first and is beyond more important than whether you develop allegiance to another party or not. At this age in his 20's is where Slick has learned patience and self preservation.
For years throughout this time, Slick had largely put music on the backburner, dabbling with writing and taking up position in 2000 with NBO Records, a recording company with social activist roots backed by a non profit organization known as the N.B.O.B.A. originally based out of Detroit, MI and founded by classmates that attended Clarkston High School with Slick. Close friends of the FCC followed Slick into cooperation with NBO Records to begin working as a team but creative differences and clashing personalities deemed the project unsuccessful.
Slick graduated from Florida A&M University in 2004 with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and moved back home to Atlanta, Georgia where he began to consistantly reconnect with his associates and in May 2005 ended up solidifying a bond by developing a company with friends Omar "Big O" Buchanan, LyTasha 'Ka$h Capone" Randle, JJ "Postman 1212" Bigby, and Devin "Red" Randle; from a concept developed by 1212 to market his drugs in the neighborhoods where his business cards read "Get $ or Die," and as a group we decided that had to be the realest shxt we ever saw and adopted the slogan's initials for our group, company, brand and name, GMD.
It's now 2012, 7 years from the development of this concept and GMD's network is stronger than ever. The company incorporated LLC, March of this year and has developed and spawn 4 offspring business under its conglomerate. The artists are also seasoned, self trained pros at their crafts. Slicks crafts happen to be Writing Songs, Coordinating Business, and Emceeing. Follow him on Twitter @CKTSLICK

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CKT SLICK aka Big Zillah
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Clarkston, GA
Allen "DJ A-Rock" Hampton, Jr.

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