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One day they woke up and they were The Stilts. They didn’t know it know it, but they were. Everyone else knew it; although, they didn’t know it either.

It was a work of fate. Something was different in the air that led them to this point. Why start a band in fall 2011 and at no other time? No one knows, but at the same time we know it.

Guitars, Bass, Drums: The Bare Three.
The only three anyone really needs or should need to rock. Slap our cocks on the table for the world to see, that’s what a guitar, bass and drums do. But why settle for one. No one likes being told what to play. That’s kind of boring. Do what fits.

Someone take the drums this time, get the guitar next time, the bass line’s yours. Don’t get stuck. Keep moving. That’s what it’s all about.

History has no place in the present.
We all know that, but we don’t know it. It doesn’t mean that the past is not important. It just means it’s not important now. But when the past was present, it was SO important, because it built this. Jay was in the jam band Floyd the Barber, but that’s past now. It means nothing, NOW. Jared had Saving Society and Ryan had Avocets; but those aren’t now. They were important then and they made now, but they aren’t now.

The Stilts are now. That’s the shit I’m stepping in.

So go ahead, take the present as it is. Nothing can stop it and nothing wants to stop it. It was going to be anyway.
You knew that.

-Adam H

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Ryan Tremblay, Jarod Cournoyer, Jason Dolbec
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Rock / Hard Rock / Blues

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Woonsocket, RI