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She is a self professed "shy girl," but when it comes to speaking her mind, there's no beating around the bush with Reed Ferguson. No, Reed takes to her guitar and clever lyrics to lay you out on the mat, sweetly and unassumingly. From other singers/songwriters these tunes mighty seem a bit jaded, but coming from 16 year old Reed it feels like a softly swung sucker punch that leaves you flat out IN LOVE, not only with her music but with the quiet strength that IS Reed.

From Reed:
HEY! I'm Reed. I’m a 16 year old songwriter from Atlanta GA who loves Americana/Folk music, so I kind of mixed that in with pop music. I’m shy...very very shy. I actually didn’t get into a preschool because I wouldn’t talk in the interview. I’m cool like that. I have a dog named Magnolia, but we call her Maggie even though we said we would never shorten it when we first got her because "she's a southern dog" and us, southerners supposedly don't shorten our names. Supposedly. But in actuality, we do. I have two cats too. One of them is named Cutie Pie, and ironically enough, that's the boy. Yes, I named him when I was eight. I got it, it's a stupid name. Cutie Pie is very loud. Not kidding. When he meows, it's like MEEEEOWWWWW. So loud, I can't even explain. He's also very lazy and doesn't get disturbed too easily. You can flop him over your shoulder and he doesn't care. So we also have another kitty named Sweetie. Also an unoriginal name, but whatever. Sweetie is very quiet. She squeaks a little bit, but that's about it. She's also VERY fat. I really can't even pick her up without pulling a muscle she's so heavy. But she's still cute. No doubt. I also have two annoying brothers. They are CRAZY. Joey is the total sports dude. He's a baseball player, and he's very cute (Shout out to all the 13 year old ladies out there, looking for a cute baseball player boyfriend.....? Anybody?) Then there's Ryan, who is crazy cute just like Joey. Ryan plays drums and plays basketball. He hates baseball, but he's still very good at it. And yes, he is cute, single, and ready to mingle, all you 10 year old ladies out there!!! :) He's a keeper. WELL. I'm done talking about my weirdo brothers and fat cats, so ok, I just thought of a better way to tell you about the things I do and don't like sooooo:

What I Like:
-Vampire Diaries (TEAM DAMON ALL THE WAY)
-One Direction (also obsessed)
-The Jonas Brothers (good ole disney days)
-Ian Somerhalder
-Damon Salvatore, Chuck Bass, and Dr. Spencer Reid (my true loves)
-Demi Lovato
-Taylor Swift
-Individuality and original stuff/people
-People who march to the beat of their own drum
-Acting - fun stuff
-When people don’t care what others think
-When people stand up for others
-My family, friends, and pets
-Country, pop, and rock music. HOWEVERRR, my favorite type of music is Americana/folk and Bluegrass. It makes me sound like a dork but whatever. It's really cool and just reminds me of when I was little. It reminds me of home. It's real music. so my sound is pop-americana. I kinda invented that genre. im cool.

What I Dislike:
-when people say they dislike the Hunger Games (how dare they)
-Insanely smart people (probably because I’m jealous...sorry)
-When people go along with the crowd
-Insanely athletic people (also jealous of them)
-Crowded school hallways
-When people don’t accept people for who they are
-Obnoxiously loud people
-How all T.V. shows are about a goody-two-shoes girl who only cares about grades and happens to be a singer (Honestly, can people really not at least find someone to come up with somewhat of an original idea?)

I don't really have a favorite color, but if I had to choose, I'd choose a light blue. Not baby blue but kind of a bright blue. Or royal blue. Both are pretty. My favorite animal is a monkey because they are adorbs and I want one, but don't get me wrong. I love my dog and kitties too :))) Hummm, on to my favorite shows... Well, there are quite a lot of those, so I'll start with my top two. 1) Vampire Diaries, which is absolutely the best show ever. Damon Salvatore is life itself. Ian Somerhalder (aka Ian Smolderhalder the smolder master) is to die for. TEAM DAMON. If you don't watch it, go watch it now because its amazing. 2) Criminal Minds, which is the best thing that ever entered the universe. I'm super obsessed with Dr. Spencer Reid, who is one of my three true loves. 3) Gossip Girl, which is amazing because of my other true love, Chuck Bass. "I'm...Chuck Bass." <--- I basically freak out every time I hear that line. Plus, the show is awesome. My favorite instruments are guitar, mandolin, and fiddle, and I really want to learn to play a fiddle because that sounds awesome, not gonna lie.

Anyways, I’m sort of an awkward person. Yeah, very actually. I’m 15 and 5’7”. I’m not like insanely tall but just awkward. It’s fun being awkward. Don’t deny it, all you awkward people. So basically I’m a blonde-haired, shy, awkward girl who likes and dislikes many things (as you can see above.)

I love writing. I write all the time and not just music. I love writing movie scripts. Weird, huh? I was writing long before I even started playing guitar. Funny story. See, music isn't a big thing in my immediate family. Actuallly, not at all. My dad tried to learn piano years ago but that didn't work out so great. Sorry, Daddy. So when I asked for a guitar when I was 8, my parents were like "Ummmm, no." So after years of having pink electric guitar and brown acoustic guitar on my Christmas wish list, I finally got a little tiny brown acoustic guitar for Christmas in '06 or '07. (I don't remember which year, but I know I was in 5th grade). That day, my awesome Uncle Dave taught me two chords--A and G. I played that thing all day. Then, I finally got lessons when I was in 6th grade and got a little squire electric guitar. It was red. And the rest is history!

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