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CrossBow / Bio

Brandy Alexander—from Chelsea, MI—is a 2nd year nursing student at GVSU with hopes of eventually having a career as a flight nurse. She has been playing viola for nine years but her primary instrument for CrossBow is now fiddle which she learned to play during the summer of 2012. In her elusive spare time, she practices yoga, rides her bike and drinks tea.

Ross Argir is a 2nd year Pre-Law student at GVSU majoring in History and Religious Studies. Ross plays the kazoo in CrossBow, an instrument he picked up last year. His activities include lying about his age to play with cats at the humane society, being a Realtor, sailing, winning arguments and getting pneumonia. It’s also rumored that he has played violin for 17 years. But it’s just a rumor.

Clare Cavicchio is a 3rd year Music Education major from Detroit. Her contributions to the group include lead vocals, breaking guitar strings, and tambourine. As CrossBow’s music director, she has found hip movement, arm flailing, and sass to be her most successful methods of teaching and directing the group. In her free time she enjoys distance running and eating watermelon. She always smells like vanilla.

Anna Dorsey, a sophomore at Grand Valley, has been involved in music her whole life. Born in Howell Michigan, she learned several string instruments such as fiddle, mandolin, guitar, ukulele and also piano and flute. In Crossbow she plays the fiddle and mandolin. Anna enjoys Disney movies and is majoring in Graphic Design. For Anna, CrossBow has been the most memorable part of college.

Alena Leshner is a first year student (freshman) at Grand Valley, majoring in International Business with a minor in German. She is from Holland, Michigan and plays the fiddle in CrossBow, as well as well as in her own band, Acoustic Vagabondi (look them up on Facebook! ;D). Apart from working the streets to pay for her education (busking with her fiddle, WHAT were you thinking?), she enjoys spending time with friends and brewing Italian coffee. She also loves alpacas and llamas (since they’re basically just bigger, less adorable alpacas). She also loves Italian, since she lived in Italy during her Junior year in high school. If you speak Italian with her, she'll love you forever.

Steve Lesko is from Chelsea, MI, is in his Sophomore year at Grand Valley and is studying Film and Video Production. He has played the violin for ten years and has been a member in CrossBow since its inception. He is also the Keeper of Music, or more affectionately known as the "Librario." When not talking to someone about CrossBow, Steve can be found on campus giving tours to high school students and their families or shooting/editing various video projects. He has a slight obsession with river otters, is accomplished in Mongolian Throat Singing and likes to run spontaneous 5ks in a kilt, regardless of the weather.

Alec McGuire is a 19 year-old sophomore at Grand Valley State University with a double major in International Relations and French. He is a largely self-taught guitarist of 9 years, but also plays piano, bass guitar and ukelele. Currently playing the electric guitar in Crossbow, his range of musical experience encompasses many many genres up to and including Celtic music which has resulted in the "coolness" of sound that he as well as the other musicians bring to the table. In his spare time, of which there is little, Alec enjoys speaking/learning languages with others, listening to a lot of Reggae and Blues music, "jammin" on the guitar, and laughing at socially-awkward situations that some people seem to perpetually be a part of.

Adam McMillan just joined this very interesting group of people called Crossbow in their musical endeavors and it’s just a wonderful time. He plays the clarinet and has been for 8 years. He mostly plays this in Crossbow, but also recently picked up playing the Irish pennywhistle to get some Irish blood flowing in him. (Although he’s actually Scottish so…) He is a pre-med major in the Honors program at GVSU and is planning on going into some kind of surgery or just something general and useful and highly applicable. Other potentially interesting things about him include whistling constantly(including while he sleeps), he was in band for 7 years and just joined choir, he likes to read, and is hopelessly obsessed with medieval weapons and Lord of the Rings.

Carly Meloche, yet another fiddler from Chelsea, Michigan, is a fourth year student studying Communications with an emphasis of Creative Writing at GVSU. Her role in CrossBow is twofold, serving as both the logistics coordinator and hopeless narcoleptic. When she’s not tearing bow hairs, Carly’s life consists of terrible dancing, organized lists, smiling, and costume ping-pong. Get to know her; a hug and a shamock shake go a long way.

Antonio Militello, originally from Evart, Michigan, is currently a freshman at GVSU. He plays acoustic guitar for Crossbow, and enjoys it very much. His hobbies include shooting gobstoppers at his roommate, and sleeping on various different couches, ottomans, and hammocks. He likes the color orange, and dolphins.

Ethan Noga is a junior studying Communications at Grand Valley. He is a percussionist, and plays the cajon in Crossbow. He can also sing if he has to, sometimes, maybe. Ethan's interests are of no consequence, as he is best defined by his dislikes.

Mark Pierce is a senior, majoring in Psychology. He likes to jam, or worship, on bass or drums to his hearts content; he loves to read the bible, watch tv (particularly stupid shows i.e. south park or family guy). He loves to do charity work when he has the time to do so, and helping out others when it's needed. He loves to listen to various bands that expands his musical knowledge and talent.

Tyler Wiewiora is probably one of the biggest Irish wanna-be's you will ever meet. He plays cello, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and sings and is inspired by the band Mumford and Sons.

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