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magic marker / Bio

thanks for your visit ,this music is a gift to me from the muse to keep me sane :) so i share it with you ,if it pleases you download your favorites and have a CD :) peace be upon you :) check out my fans they are some of the best musicians in the world:) please read and enjoy the rest of this :)
i have just awakened from a nap ;) and wanted to share my dream :)
in which i dreamed i found out where the mother ship would land
the dream was complicated as dreams are however in the end i watched
as the crew left the ship and saw that they looked human except at the
bridge of the nose they all had what appeared to be a jewel fixed in their heads
as they marched out of the ship i ran past them into the ship just as the
doors were closing ... inside there were two more crew members who smiled at me
and i could hear the ship begin to hum low at first but rising in pitch very slowly
i was filled with the wish that i had my guitar and one of the crew members pointed
to the guitar case leaning against the wall and smiled ,,, i opened the case to find
my guitar it had lost its tuning and the battery in the tuner was missing
so i was tightening the strings to coincide with what had become the steady hum
of the ship, the low E string pitch :) after tuning the guitar i began to play and feel
that i had left the earth and was in space , i remember the joy i felt knowing that
i had come so far in my life to be able to reach such a point ,,, so i played ,,,
then i wondered where i would sleep and i asked one of the crew
where i would eat and sleep ,,, there was no direct answer ,,, only the sudden
knowledge that they were all humanoids and required no food or sleep ,,,
then i hit me that i would be dead very soon without food or water
and i looked up and saw through the roof the stars coming at me as we traveled through
space ,,, so i sat down and played the guitar .... filled with joy :)
then i woke up :)
go figure :)

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