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Country Angel / Bio

My start in music.

First i would like to start by saying that any music i have on here is not for sale,i am however selling products with the name 'Country Angel'...this is just a fun thing for me to do.I love to sing and that is my sole purpose for setting up reverb.It was not to sell music,just to have it heard and to sell my products.With that said... I always had a love for music.I can't remember a time when i didn't want music of some kind playing.When i was six years old,my parents,brother,aunt,uncle and i went to six flaggs in St.Louis Missouri.While we were there we cought a concert that highway 101 was putting on.They became my favorite group from the very first song they played.I couldn't get their music out of my head and my heart.My parents ended up buying a copy of their album.I listened to it over and over untill they were completely sick of hearing it.
Not long after that day,i knew all of the songs on the Highway 101 tape that my parents had bought.One evening as i was taking my bath,i was singing a few of the songs.My dad was walking past the bathroom and heard me singing.After i was dressed and came out of the bathroom,my dad said,''come with me.'' So i followed him to his bedroom where he then got out his guitar and a thick blue binder filled with songs that i had grown up listening to him sing.He said ''i know you love to sing,so i want you to sing this song with me.'' He turned the pages in his song book to a song i had never heard in my life.The title of that song is ''The crule war''. It has and will always be my favorite song that i ever did with my dad.
After he sang it the first time alone,he looked at me with a big smile on his face,and said ''your turn.'' He started playing the song again and as i read each word as i sang it,the song touched me in ways i didn't know were possible.I was hooked on music and singing.From that day on,i was always begging my dad to get out his guitar and sing with me.And somehow,my puppy dog eyes always made him cave in,and we would sing our hearts out.The first time i sang in public was at a little bar called The Friendly Tavern in Greenville Missouri.I remember having a huge fastination with the drums,i loved the sound they made.I asked the drummer if he would teach me to play.He said he would,but after i got up and sang my first song in public,'Independence Day' he quickly told my dad that i didn't want to play drums,i wanted to sing.
Growing up i got to do alot of singing with groups of people from my home town.I wanted nothing more than to sing and if daddy and i couldn't go sing,i would get completely depressed.Alot of those people have passed on in my years of growing up but to this day their songs live on inside my heart and in my head.I can still hear them singing in the back of my mind.My mom and dad were my two biggest supporters and i couldn't have asked for more from either of them.They stood by me when it came to me singing,and they never let me give up.They kept the dream alive for me by letting me know that they believed in me with all they had.
I made a promise to myself that when i made my first CD it would be in honor of my father,but i have to include my mother in there as well because when we lost my dad to cancer,it tore me apart to even hear music anymore,and i was ready to give up my dream.Without him,it just didn't seem to matter anymore.But my mom reminded me that he still lives inside everything i sing,he was a part of music with me,and as long as i have music,i have my dad.Everything i work on now when it comes to my music is in memory of my father,and in gratitude to my mother for reminding me how much music means to me,and always will.
Along my road with music,i have come to learn alot about who i am and who i hope to become.I want nothing more than to sing and see faces brighten and people smile when they hear the music.My kids love for me to sing to them,and when i do,i see the same glow in their eyes that i feel in my heart.They are my inspiration to get up every day,and they are my inspiration to sing bed time songs.I have special songs that i have sang to them all since the day they were born.They love it,and nothing makes me happier than to see my children smile.I want to thank my family for the love and support they have shown to me over the years.They are the ones that truely were there when i needed them the most.And would like to thank my special man in my life Justin Carriker,and everyone who has stood behind me along the way.They will always be recognized.

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