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The Body Farm / Bio

The Body Farm is a Death/Brutal Death metal band founded in 2009 by Rosario “Ross” Piazza (co-founder & former lead guitar of the Italian band Cadaver Mutilator). The Body Farm is a project based in London, and so far two EPs have been released: “Thanatoscope” (mid 2010) and “Xenotype 616” (late 2011).
The whole project has started as a one-man band + the guest voice of Paride Mercurio (Cadaver Mutilator), but recruitment is open so feel free to contact Ross if you’re interested.

"THANATOSCOPE" is a concept mainly based on serial killers and profiling. The thematic map behind the lyrics features topics of forensic psychology and anthropology, criminology and forensic medicine which are all linked to disciplines of occult philosophy and alchemy. The name “thanatoscope” comes from the ancient Greek θάνατος + σκoπέω, which means “to observe death”, and (in our case) it refers simultaneously to a modern tool as to some past and almost lost experiments. In forensic medicine, it refers to a particular thermometer employed to establish the time of decease according to the corpse temperature (I leave to you to figure out where it goes...). Different temperatures are usually determined by the different conditions the body has been exposed to (i.e. water, humidity, dry weather etc.). Back in time, the thanatoscope has been linked to real anatomical experiments conducted by Athanasius Kircher (1601-1680), who was a Jesuit scholar and “master of a hundred arts” quite skilled on oriental disciplines, Egyptology and, above all, a big fan of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. The thanatosope has been also source of inspiration for two horror/thriller movies: “Four Flies On Grey Velvet” a 1971 movie by Dario Argento and, more recently, “Imago Mortis”, a 2008 international co-production (Italy+Spain+Ireland) directed by Stefano Bessoni.
Bearing in mind all information above, the track-list contains 4 songs which represent a vicious description of ritual and violent crimes lived through the eyes of 4 different pathological executioners. In case you were wondering about their content, find them at http://www.facebook.com/thebodyfarmdeathmetal .
The EP was recorded in the summer 2010 at DabliuRec Studio (Palermo-Italy). Line-up: Ross Piazza (guitars, bass guitar, drum programming) + Paride Mercurio (voice). All music and lyrics by Ross.

"XENOTYPE 616" is also a concept EP though this time focused on the fall of modern civilisation and human being who give place to the first-born of a new breed: a Xenotype. In medicine a xeno-type consists of a molecular variation based on differences in structure and antigenic specificity. In ancient Greek the word ξένος means something strange, different, almost a foreign body.
The number 616 is recognised by theologians and scholars as the true “number of the beast”. The 666 that we commonly associate to the devil is an error quite common to a lot of transcriptions and translations of the bible as of other religious transcripts. Besides, the number 616 is the 25th number on the Padovan sequence which, like the Fibonacci sequence, includes polygonal numbers quite relevant from an astrological and astronomical point of view. The 25th is also the day of birth of several “pagan” gods (as Astarte, Isis, Ishtar and Mithra to name but a few) who were worshipped for the death and re-birth of the sun and, basically, for the cycle of seasons, years and life. Lately, these myths became the foundations for early christians to put together the pieces of a puzzle known as “the story of baby Jesus and the immaculate conception”. From an astrological perspective, the cycle of death and rebirth of these gods represent the passage from a sign to the next one in the zodiac, whereas in astronomy corresponds to the movement of constellations within galaxies.
The EP contains 4 tracks (one instrumental) that describe the psychological and physical collapse of the last era of mankind going through the occult rituals of its burial and exhumation until a new breed, a new alpha after the omega, appears on planet earth.
The EP was recorded in the summer 2011 at Twentymiles Studio (Palermo-Italy). Line-up: Ross Piazza (guitars, bass guitar, drum programming) + Paride Mercurio (voice). All music and lyrics by Ross.







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Band Members
Ross Piazza(lead & rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drum programming); Paride Mercurio (guest voice from Cadaver Mutilator)
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The Body Farm
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Metal / Death Metal / Brutal Death Metal

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London, UK
Hermes Trismegistus

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