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Total Ghost / Bio

Despite their roots as a fake internet band, Total Ghost has quickly become a very real band that hails from Denver, Colorado and performs under the fictional guise of German electrokraut pioneers. The comical nature of the two, Chön and Biktor, makes them accessible to many music fans. Their dance music, powered by jumpy synths, marching bass kicks, and classic builds is threaded with comical call and response lyrics. From the release of their debut EP “New Future” in 2010 to their 2011 LP “Space Lightning”, Total Ghost is no stranger to critical acclaim, including an interview by Munich radio station AFK M94.5, where they have 2 songs in daily rotation.
Total Ghost owes much of their success to their viral music videos, which have amassed a fan base in the U.S., Germany, France, and Russia. Their first video, “Custom Birthday” gained over 55,000 views within six months of its YouTube release. Since, the boys have been interviewed by Thrillist.com and featured on France’s Canal+. They just premiered their fourth music video, “Tour Life” at the 2011 Festivus Film Festival, where it won their “Best Music Video” award.
Total Ghost also puts on an energetic and hilarious live performance, playing in character and interacting with the audience. With multiple shows already under their belt, they have perfected the alchemy of combining self-parody with the dance beats of their wax melting tracks. It’s music that rockets beyond its gimmick, and into the stratosphere of a giant space party (with lightning).
In addition to a video and music presence, Total Ghost has kept their fans interacting with the band through their Twitter and Facebook pages. It is through that avenue that many of their fans make and submit fan art. Total Ghost has had unprecedented success with getting fans to interact. The old dream of getting to one day meet your rock and roll idol is a daily reality with Total Ghost, who interacts with their fans online in character. If you want to talk to Chön and Biktor, it takes no more than tweeting @TotalGhost on Twitter.

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Chön, Biktor
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Total Ghost
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Dance / Electropop

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Denver, CO