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The world is ready to discover Deja. With more drama than an episode of Glee nestled in her vocal chords, rising above a heap of teen talent is not a goal, but a given.

YouTube clips of Deja conquering her favorite songs by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele, and Christina Aguilera confirm a raw singing talent ready for a big breakout. Deja is different, and as anyone can see when they visit her website (www.DejaDejaMusic.com) she already possesses the awareness and ability to channel the experiences of herself and her classmates to amazing depths.

Deja Elyze was born in the West New York section of New Jersey to Cuban-Venezuelan parents. Her name comes from the Tyra Banks no nonsense character in the film “Higher Learning”. At the very young age of 7 she cut her performing chops alongside her vocal teacher in coffee houses throughout New Jersey, and was soon jumping on stages with some friends’ bands performing Beatles, Joan Jett, and Pat Benetar material. As a 10 year old, she finished second in a field of hundreds at Buscando Voces 2006, an annual competition featuring young Latin American singers in New Jersey. For a while, Deja balanced her musical interests with tennis, a talent in her family for several generations. Her family soon relocated to the Miami area for Deja to pursue better tennis opportunities.

“Moving to Florida was bittersweet,” says Deja. “I was sad to leave so many friends and family behind, but I had always loved visiting Miami. I was happy though to be moving close to the beach and warm weather. Two weeks before the move, I took second at Buscando Voces, and that was my first taste of fame. Hundreds saw me sing, and I was photographed and interviewed by a whole bunch of newspapers. It was all so exciting! That feeling was in my head and never left. At the same time I was top 10 in the Eastern Tennis Region. Moving to Florida was to enhance my training and boost my ranking, but I could only think music and performing. Concentrating on the tennis court became difficult to where I finally told my mom I am finished with tennis, I only want to sing. My mom said she would support my dream, and from that day forward, it’s been music and more music.”

Turns out, Deja inherited the family competitive streak, but chose to apply it to singing and performing. Determined to be her best, Deja began honing her act in front of live audiences at different malls each weekend. “I don’t even know how many times I’ve performed,” she says. Poise is something an artist builds over time, but Deja’s drive has given her a huge headstart. It is not just enough to entertain, but every performance is a chance to connect to an audience. “I like to tell a story when I sing,” she says. “and I love to perform for the people.”

Following last year’s run to the finals on Aqui Todos Ganan, an American Idol-type local television contest on Miami’s América Tevé Network, Deja was invited back for several encore appearances. “Being on TV is definitely the most fun experience I’ve had so far,” she says. “They do your hair, they do your makeup, and you look amazing afterwards. You’re on TV under those hot lights, but those hot lights feel amazing. Especially when it’s live TV, you’ve got this rush, and it feels good to know that so many people are watching.”

Deja’s current project is the pop/hip-hop single penned by the South Florida writing/producing team of Chad Beatz and Steve Morgan from Tastemaker Music who have delivered music to Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, and many other A-listers. Deja’s coy, yet hard driving dance style makes “Don’t Touch Me” a message to all that she is ready to take on the world on her terms, and won’t fall prey to any sweet talking B.S.! This is a young talented artist about to tackle the music industry in a dramatic way and will kick in any door to do it!

Deja also has a softer alter-ego. When the hot lights are pointed elsewhere, Deja loves to shelter stray animals. Not only does Deja have her dog Vinny, she also just adopted a mini pot-bellied pig named Malibu. Like most teenagers, she strives to earn A’s in school, freaks out whenever Lady GaGa or Lil Wayne play on the radio, tweets non-stop (@DejaElyze), reads the Twilight novels, and loves hanging out with friends — at the beach. “The beach is like my second home,” she adds. “My friends and I just go there and chill.” Describing these pastimes puts a smile in Deja’s voice, like she’s about to sing. “My goal is for the world to hear me sing, and to like me,” she says.

The world just has to listen, and the rest will follow.
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