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Backyard Superheroes / Bio

Backyard Superheroes began in the beginning of 2012 to start the year off right. Captain Joshkovitz was have a nostalgia attack and reminiscing over the good days of the 90s. He remembered the times of running around with nowhere to go, not caring about money or a job, and just enjoying every moment. Suddenly it hit him: ska is the answer. A group of grown adults (and kids) running around in circles, jumping up and down like kids, and not caring about what people think. He knew his mission was clear: round up the strangest, goofiest people he could find that were masters of their instruments. Then dip them in toxic waste so they would get superpowers. Or something like that...

First to join the band is Matt, also known as Admiral Angar. With his massive beard and his talent for rhythm guitar, he was the perfect addition to starting a band that would not just sound good, but be fun to listen to. Also, the beard really is massively awesome.

Next up is Professor Greggles. He is a master of the walking bassline and can make any tune funky. He tends to scream out 'bass solo!' at inappropriate times, but everyone has their quirks. He also enjoys long walks in the rain and enjoying the life of a straight edge.

Then they got horny and they went on the prowl!

Naturally, first instinct is to bring in a sexy sax sound to melt the hearts of all the fans. The Boy Blunder shows up from the fires of hell (somewhere in central Jersey) with 2 sax's in hand, backflipping off Doc Hottie's drum set, running around with a cape with his underwear over his pants...yeah, he is an odd one. Yeah...he's in. And yes, we will make him wear the cape, but he may not wear underpants at times.

We then came to conclusion that we were missing something. Something loud and obnoxious that would call in those from foreign lands to hear our glory! Unfortunately that kinda thing doesn't exist, so we had to settle for a trombone player with a bit of a past: The Frat Boy. He stumbled into our midst after a drunken frat party, grabbed a trombone, and started playing. We knew he would be a good fit when we looked down and noticed our feet had begun skanking on their own! Though we may need to talk to him about his 'habit' of using his trombone as a beer bong.

At around this time, the team lost a member, their beloved Doc Hottie. He thought he could do more good by helping starving children from getting eaten by anteaters in Ecuador. We think his mind may have been compromised. It was then that the Backyard Superheroes saw they would need to find a way to bring back the thunderous booming that helped define their presence to the people. Sir Kevin of Stereotypical announced great news one day: "Hey dude, I found you a drummer!" He introduced the Superheroes to Incrediphill, a beast of a man with eyes that could pierce straight through your skull...so he has a pair of badass sunglasses. They are magical sunglasses. Because he's a magical person.

This is the point where we realized we had a crazy sax player and a drunk trombone player...but missing something. What that something was, we never realized until Bruce, the master of the trumpet, arrived at our first full band practice. He was called upon by the leaders of the internet to aid in saving the world from the likes of Justin Bieber, Dubstep and hardcore metalcore noisecore rap. He brought with him a horn sent from the depths of hell that was received when he outplayed the devil at a local high school battle. His sound, mixed with The Fray Boy and the Boy Blunder, bring the Backyard Superheroes sound to far away places.

Because they're really, really loud.

This is the story of Backyard Superheroes. This is just the beginning. Get ready to sing along.

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Band Members
Josh, Matt, Greg, Gary, Ryan, Bruce, Phill
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Backyard Superheroes
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Ska / Punk / pop punk

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Marlboro, NJ