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Filthy Trixx / Bio


Turin is a much detail city because it musically anticipate very various thoughts from a person to the other. is for this reason that Filthy Trixx spent long time to find their appropriate genre and text suitable to the toughts of the whole group. the Filthy Trixx are a Glam Metal band formed by only 4 components that can give everything to the same band and to the fans who follow them!


Well the name has changed several times perhaps in part because of the continuous change of some components failed to find the right one for each instrument. Initially the project was born with the name of Raving Storm making various collaborations in Italy but they were all different genre of collaborations. By the time entered in the group the vocalist Tyrone K. (The first and only singer of the band), who contributes greatly to the development of this group's genre writing bastard lyrics and sometimes even heavy phrases sung in a style that we can all say like "the style of Tyron K." with a screamo particular and biting. Later the name was changed to Wild Shout with which they recorded and wrote the song "Be Brave" however remained among the best songs from Filthy Trixx. A guitarist was eliminated and the bassist Paul and the drummer Jeff officially joined, already known by the band, while the riffs of guitarist Mad Steex only continue to stir emotions and anger at the same time. The combination of Mad 's riffs and Tyrone K ' s screamo cause a modern and biting sound audible at any time. So the name was changed in Filthy Trixx because of member changes within the group. -In a group you can not go forward if things are made only for work, but must be made in friendship, if something does not come within the group, well something is wrong and is not a strong group! (Mad Steex)


We play glam metal because apart from being a genre still in formation and still to be discovered with sensational nuances, is a genre that distinguishes us all. Glam Metal mean "life", mean "dance", mean "party" and "pretty girls", so this is what we want.


The period of recordings, writing lyrics and composition was very long and is still in place because of the frequent quarrels and even consecutive lineup changes. "Be Brave" was the very first band's official song that sets them apart in their sound and character. The song was written by Tyrone K. that proposed a good text and pretty sound. The riff is strong with a great solo in the final. The presence of great chorus is fantastic. - the brave is that character that no one should miss and who haven't it, must grow. this song is a favorite of the group, has a current topic that does reflect on the problems of life in city (Tyrone K.). "Be Cool" is another similar song to the first but slightly more aggressive. A text thought to a person who has no problem to say what he thinks face to face. If you have to do something does it ! "End Life Letters From Coma" is the first ballad song of the band. a sentimental song that doesn't detaches from the Glam genre of the group but offers a great heavy riff with screamo followed by a sentimental chorus. Tyrone had a better idea: I really like the presence of exchange between screamo and clean vocals , binds very well and manages to stay in the glam theme (Mad Steex). Con "Just Fuck Them All" the FILTHY TRIXX explode their character and anger lowering in a situation which demands respect for others. The initial vocal verse is very catchy. I remember that when I hear it once in the morning, I can never put it out of my head (Mad Steex). The last songs written have not yet been offered to the public but will soon be engraved and published on the website and myspace. When Tyrone can't stay with filthy trixx, Jeff proposed to get his brother Tricky Treat.

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Artist Name
Filthy Trixx
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Rock / glam metal / sleaze Metal

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Torino, TO, IT

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