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STMandragora / Bio

Jesse Evans a.k.a.STMandragora and STMandragora Studios is a great home studio for music production experiment in the unlimited abilities to create any form and genre of music you can imagine. I am currently working on 2 albums now. One is called the Endless Quagmire which tells the story of my destructive life path in 2011 and years earlier, it is mainly instrumental progressive rock, and experimental rock, Progressive Metal and is a concept album along with a New album which I am currently almost finished with called Blasted, basically telling the story of lust, apathy, getting high, feeling good, and learning before the downfall. This album is more Industrial, Electronic, Progressive Instrumental, Industrial-Techno, with extreme structure changes. I will be releasing both as a double disc, sort of a yin and a yang cd when I am finished mixing, arranging, remixing, and mastering it. Mostly I create a huge arrange of sounds, I love to custom create synthesizer sequences of all types, working with Key Paramaters, and programming Drum rhythms and Automate for complete control especially for my live performances.. Right now my setup for recording is mainly using my new Casio CTK - 7000 Workstation/Arranger Keyboard, It can do everything and I can assign over 2.4 trillion effects to just one tone alone on it, Infinite use. plus it's pattern sequencer is great for Programming certain le tosongs that require multiple tracks or instruments I use when doing my home production, I can hook up a guitar rig straight to it and with it's sd card audio recorder I can record up to 32 tracks and quantisize every parameter and function to create a full song for live performance. The custom Organ Drawbars make it very versitile for when i'm playing a nice tremelo Organ. It's no Hammond but it sounds wonderful. I also use a synthesizer, my Arutria Analog Synthesizer Experience The Factory 32 key universal controller as a midi controller for use with doing key parameter automations, or overrides with Reason 4 Which I can program and use all of it's amazing features. I find i can create all different styles of loops and samples with the Dr. Rex Looper and of course the NN19 and NNXT Advance Sampler for which I create my own samples drum patterns, loops, synth sequences, fx everything for use with my music production. I am able to Program Arrange and create Drum patterns of all different styles using Redrum drum Machine and the preset rhythm and custom rhythms (using the Pattern sequencer) on my workstation keyboard which gives me infinite styles of drum rhythms for song production. I Can easily use my Arturia Analog Experience The Factory which Immitate 5 different styles of synthesizers like the MiniMoog V, Jupiter 8V cs 80v an am able to arrange and tweak the 3,500 tones to my liking which I can also hook up to my CTK - 7000 for even more layered sound expressions. The Arturia has great sounds using its Polyphonic Pads, leads, sequences, fm, efx percussive, brass, organ, piano, brass, bass etc. for where I get my heavy industrial songs from plus create my own and save them into snapshot banks in use with Reason 4, Fruity Loops 10XXL to Program an exact sound of a song I want to cover, For example March of the Pigs by Nine Inch Nails I have setup to where it sounds exactly the same programmed the drum machine (redrum) and am able to use the nn19 sampler and nnxt sampler to immitate the exact sound of the keyboard parts with the use of Reason 4's Master Combinator and key automation. I love working with midi, especially programming and using all sorts of fx and having jam sessions whenever I can with whomever I can. Right Now I am doing a side project with a good friend and guitarist Chris James Wilking who has contributed to my album The Endless Quagmire, is very skilled at Metal, and using his guitar in sync with my programming and keyboard playing to create Heavier more drony stoner metal music. When we play together We call it the MagikFingaz Chris James Band Or Liliths Vagina. I record through my Behringer XenyX 1002, 2 Bus, 10 input mixer with 100fx presets and Phantom Power for the MXL 4000 condenser mic which sounds amazing, use fx and assign them to each channel from Heavy cross delay to heavy Pitch shifts, and insane delay and reverb that I can assign to any instrument I have hooked up. 2 Full Stereo Ring/Tip for monitoring and recording and playback at 32 to 64 bit quality sound through my laptop. I use 3 to 4 key instruments in creating my music, my Casio CTK - 7000 61 key workstation/Arranger, my Arturia Analog Experience The Factory 32 key synthesizer with Pitch shifts, Modulation, Cutoff and Resonance Filters, LFO, 4 Key Paramaters (which really can tweak any sound I am using) Built in Chorus and Delay with a 4 slider envelope for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. My Yamaha Mini Portasound Pss 140 and I do guitar tracks from time to time. I have a Sennheiser condenser mic with great quality sound, 2 Roland keyboard amps and 2 monitor amps, 1 left Roland Keymaster 100 Watt,1 right Crate Taxi T30 30 watt amp with full equalizer for great stereo sound. Plus a left Phonic keyboard 15 watt amp I use as a monitor as well as my roland Microcube also as a monitor, and extras.... I am working on making beats, loops, samples, tags etc. for 20/20 Vision Records for free use with the other hard working artist on the label. Which is becoming easier with the new CTK - 7000. I Love Life and feel most alive when I am creating music. I also enjoy collecting VHS movies. I have learned to love life after some extremely difficult experiences recently in the past and am glad to have the few people in my life that I do. I do enjoy old school gaming, Messing around with my digital dm2 mixmaster turntable (It's fun) and love to Read all kinds of books. I believe in Free Will, True Will, and the choice to choose to be who you want to be. Also I love playing gigs. That's about it for now.

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Jesse STMandragora Evans
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Other / Instrumental, Experimental, Progressive / Ambient, Jam, Industrial-Techno

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Mankato, MN

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