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Manno / Bio

Birth Name : Manny Aaron Jagroop
Birth Place/ Date : March 19th 1993 at Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring Maryland, 12:00 noon
Background: Just your regular poverty story. A lot of youngins grow up without a Father figure in there life.Manny on the other hand grew up with just his father, missing the mother figure in his life. Not even saying his mother was " Never" around. She was.. It just so happens his pops took full custody of Manny at a young age for private reasons. So, his father was the main one who raised him since a youngin. The toddler at the time went through a couple serious years with a Step mother, who had 2 kids already. His father was just trying to give his son that family lifestyle.. But shit happens & that whole period of time ended... Leaving just the 2. Manny grew up mainly in the Montgomery County , Maryland area until about his Junior Year of high school.. Seeking change and better opportunities Father & son packed to travel up north. They settled in Franklin, New Hampshire, where Manny graduated high school & attended college for a couple semesters. Through this time, Manny was front man for a locally popular band "Deepminds". The band fused Hip Hop & Acoustics and was well known for rocking house partys around the lakes region area.. Gaining more interest in the life of partying and jamming he dropped out of college. Over the age 18 you are legally considered an adult.. So by this decision his father told him " You are on your own if you don't want to work or attend college". Leaving Manny homeless/couch surfing while he continued to rock shows and blow minds with Deepminds.. As the band was just gaining a lil buzz outside of NH, fun times came to an end as the band split up & went thur separate ways. That's when Manny knew he had to do it on his own.. He took everything he learned from the band and everybody in it & started his Solo rap career as "Manno". Sadly, times went on a downward spiral after the band split up. Everything from Jail time to addictions Manny was caught in a black hole. BUT it took those struggles for him to step back & question himself.. That's when he did the most unexpected. One drunk night he & a few buddies decided to pack thur backpacks with all that could fit & leave for good. Leaving that night, they left with only 300 bucks & a vision to the west coast. Traveling the U.S.. seeing shit he has never seen, after a month or so they made it to Cali. Instantly the fun was over in Mannos mind. NOW it was time for the next step, Living in a car forever didn't sound fun at all.. That raised conflict between the others because they wanted to have fun & go with the flow.. At about 2am, Manno and the gang were posted at a 15 dollar camp site in Humbolt County, California.. tripping on shrooms. He got a call from one of his dads friends telling him to come to Portland Oregon.. Instantly all he could think about was getting on his feet.. At least he had some ppl who could help a little & it was no more just winging it. He could start in ONE spot. The decision was made. In the morning they were gonna drive to Portland Oregon, Live in the car, & GRIND until they were out of the car. The others wanted to stay in cali.. One of em actually joined the ride to Portland but later found his way back to NH. Manno & one other ( His Girlfriend) lived in the car for about 4.5 months.. Eventually leading to them getting their own apartment. With help from his family friends.. he def smoked joints at every moment BUT they grinded. When you have nothing, you have no choice but to work super hard unless you wanna live in a fucking car forever. Now, Manno is currently an Oregon Resident with his Girlfriend & cat. Paying their bills on time every month, He wont forget what it was like.. And those who showed love thru the struggle. He's not rich, He's no where near a famous rapper BUT he is working all the time as well as pursuing music 100% more than ever. With a better heart, with a mind that is continuing to learn... nothing will stand in his way. Actually investing in his craft & with an attitude knowing Hard work pays off theres not a doubt in my mind this kid will do great things.

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Ant Wilson

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