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hadezperu / Bio

HADEZ, it is formed in 1986 by Rafo Basura, Armando Mutante and Toñin Destructor; at the little time John Agressor enters to the group in the guitars and almost together with the Kike Satan Eyaculation (bass / vocals), as well as trio together with Toñin Destructor recorded Reh of 3 songs of corrosive Death Metal "Guerreros de la muerte" At the little time Christ Death would replace Kike Satan Eyaculation in bass and Ron King in voices, and with this new line-up they recorded the demos "Altar of sacrifice" (1989) and "Hadez Attack" (1990)

In 1991 they recorded a cassette comp. of their we give previous titled "Extreme badness on the world", with new members Daniel Demolition in drums, Abel Sedition in bass, Christ Death in guitar, John Agressor in guitar

In 1993 their CD debut " Aquelarre " records with a pure Death Metal, returning to its beginnings

Then the band shared scenario with SARCOFAGO and IMMOLATION in brutal concerts in the city of Lima - PERU

In the 2000-2001 their second CD called "Even if you die a thousand times" is released by Guerreros de la muerte, with 8 great songs of Death Metal In the 2002 the band shared scenario with INQUISITION.

under Iron Pegasus (Germany), re-released the Aquerlarre album on CD and for the first time on vinyl (black, red and picture) and after few years under Astral Holocaust the band released two CD compilations with the demo stuff era, the titles are: "Damnation from the past" and "from the graves"

2006: for the 20th anniversary band Magistellus Infernal Prods released a new version of the second full-length "Even if you die a thousand times" CD limited to 200 copies.

In the 2007 the band change line up and play live shows again, first with AGATHOCLES (03/11/2007) and MORTEM comrades (27/12/2007)

2008: tha band released the first DVD and live CD, both titled Ready to Suffer... Hadez Attack Again.

2009: The new full-lenght titled "Doomsday, the death rides" is released by A Sangre Fria Recs. Available in Digipack CD and regular CD. Also available on Tape format under Rawblackult (Bolivia). And play shows with Malevolent Creation and Nargaroth in Lima

2010: under Terror From Hell (Italy) is now available the Sargatanas / Hadez Split 7EP Vinyl. Limited to 500 copies

2011: under the greek label Kill Yourself is released the first full Hadez 7ep vinyl... "The path of the ossuary... devilish possession". 3 tracks. limited to 600 copies and the tape version is available under Pentagram Recs limited to 100 copies. Pentagram Recs released too a new version of the second full lenght, limited to 300 copies, for the 25 anniversary band, also the labels Heretic Death Call (Chile) + Ablaze (Mexico) re-released a new version of Aquelarre first album, limited to 1000 copies on CD another release for the celbration of the 25th anniversary band.

The band are recording new tracks for upcoming new album, splits and eps now!!! more info about it in the next days...

Official contact:
John Capcha
Jr. Rio Paucartambo 5667
Urb. Villa del Norte
Los Olivos (Lima 39)

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Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal

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Lima, PE