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Song/Word/Spirit Ministries International / Bio

Hello my name is Daniel Dale Tilton, I am a singer songwriter
....I love all classic rock/blues/jazz/experimental/ambient/house/rap/worship/praise, etc
i do listen to many different types & most types i like...MUSIC ROCKS MAN!!
here is my other page

I was born in 1962 and raised in Boise Idaho. I have been around music & musicians my whole life.
i have traveled the usa a bit.... ive lived in San Diego...&..north county sd & in Chicago & in a few different cities in south west idaho...currently i live in boise ...i really want to live in south cali again san diego area...
i started as a singer & hand drummer & aux percussionist & harmonica player... i have been a acoustic guitarist for a few yrs now ... i play & write songs by the spirit....feel & ear a bit...i do rhythm guitar ...so far... i high hopes that someday i can travel the world & make my living sharing my songs... i love doing live performances... there is a magical experience that comes with playing live...

all my songs are my originals ...except for the looping stuff... some i created ... some i found at loopermans roylity free loops... some came with my recording software mix craft 5 & 6...

My songs are mainly influenced from my walk with Jesus & life..the things that touch my heart.
I do lean toward worshiping God through the Spirit of Christ. I have many many spontaneous recordings they just keep coming...Praise Jesus... spontaneous songs/recordings are my favorite, but i also dig writing songs.

I am a follower of Jesus since i was 14 yrs old... no im not perfect im not a judge, i done some messed up stuff man, costly stuff ... actually i am mellow but i do love Jesus i hope you do too!! He came into my life when i was living in a violent home... alot of bad things happen to all of us... He has kept my head above the water ... saved me from suicidal depression and meth addiction and a bunch of other bad choices.. like i said im not prefect..neither are you hh

i am HIV + since 1998 ... i never thought id catch HIV ... i sux to live with it, its way way hard even with meds .. my strand is asymptomatic and aggressive even though i eat right and take my meds and exercise i jog every other day
im pretty sure i caught it from someone that had it and didnt know they had it ... i never had protected sex
which brings me to my next statement ... use a condom plzz HIV sux ... a few cool things about the HIV ( like there is something cool about this disease?? hh ) ( a curse turned to a blessing pardon me for my christianese)
is that i get to spend time working on music and art/vids and visiting ill, hospitalized people, mostly friends .. and i get to spend time praying for many, the biggest perk is i get to spend alot of alone time with Jesus.. He is way way cool...still wish i could work again ... HIV made it so couldnt work a normal job ... i kept getting fired cause id do good for a while but inevitably i get way sick from the stress and end up bed sick for weeks at a time ... bosses dont go for that .." your fired" i heard that alot ... so my doctor says daniel you got quit working this disease + work stress and negative people stress is killing you man.. it go so bad that i was boarder line AIDS... so did what he told me to do and it took about 3 yrs and my t cell count went up alot and yeah my life is confined but i am still alive and creating music art vids ... anyway dont want to bore you
look we all need to put our faith in Jesus

Jesus said i john 3 if we do ( out our faith in Him) we arent condemed but if we dont we already are condemed cause we didnt put our faith in His name
so me i aint taking the chance that He is a lie well then i look like a fool now ... but what if He is not a lie.. too much too loose man!! id rather look like a fool now and get heaven then to not look like a fool now a forfit heaven, ie eternal life...
anybody that calls on the name of Jesus will be saved ... dont try to get cleaned up then come to Him ... come as you are and He will soart out the rest ..
my name is daniel dale tilton
mr ddt for short
peace and love to you

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daniel dale tilton - Songwriting/guitar/vocals
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Song/Word/Spirit Ministries International
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Singer Songwriter / spiritual/acoustic/rock/worship / experimental/electronic/tribal/house/techno

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Boise, ID
daniel dale tilton