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In 2011, Art Smart Anatomy set out to be a jazz band, but they perhaps failed to realize how their personalities would extend into the music they made. Those extensions border on the lines of convention and distort them several times over, yielding sounds that incorporate the hard, funky rhythms of drummer Eric Frank, the full, staccato grooves of bassist Brian Saulig, and the elegant chaos of pianist Nate Leichtman.

In short, Art Smart Anatomy brings jazz to the digital age.

Incorporating abstract sound bytes - both original and found - they wonderfully meld the abstract with the familiar. Given today's world of electronics and sound effects, they use these supplements as exactly that - additives to an already established musical vehicle. These supplements even delve into the world of film, creating a visual landscape to the musical process. The music has deep roots in jazz/funk, given the trio's collective studies and interest in the genre. However, elements of rock, afrobeat and electronica can be heard throughout the group's improvisation-heavy sets.

Having worked in several groups together in the past (Downcast, 1998-1999; Chinese Fingertrap, 2005-2009; and Gypsy Kitchen, 2009), Saulig and Frank reunited in 2011 in Denver, CO after both previously residing in Milwaukee, WI. After a nearly three-year absence from one another, the music came back naturally and immediately the two started writing songs together. All that was needed now was a mad pianist...

After what was expected to be a long and arduous search, Frank met Leichtman almost immediately after setting out. That first meeting would take place at "The Meadowlark" in Denver, during an open-jazz jam. After watching him perform, Frank introduced himself to Leichtman and they set up a jam session for a few days later. Upon meeting and after about twenty seconds of playing, the two realized that they had something special...

The incredible musicianship of these three individuals can be felt from the moment they pluck their first notes. Given their individual backgrounds in music, it's no wonder that the three felt a resounding chemistry from the first time they played together. Since then, Art Smart Anatomy has been writing and playing together, gaining admiration and appreciation along the way.

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Band Members
Nate Leichtman (Keyboards), Brian Saulig (Bass), Eric Frank (Percussion/Effects))
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Art Smart Anatomy
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Jazz / Funk / Experimental

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Denver, CO

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