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Black Hare / Bio

Originating from Eugene, Oregon, back in September 2011, Black Hare was a "Craigslist Success Story" with a very positive begining. A four man punch in the face, some fans have said they, "Feel the dust settle at the end of a song." Explosive. Creative. Unique. Black Hare belts out their energy on eager fans at every show. A band of diverging cultures, influences, and a shared passion, Black Hare is simply dubbed, "Oregon Rock."

Jered Kappenman, and Micheal Deed's custom guitar and bass tuning creates a new unique type of dark style that is full, embodied and agressive. Zack Settergren's (A.K.A. Zacky Sickness) lyrics are riddled with deep and meaningful concepts, and yet while they have the disguise of being dark, many of the songs have a positive message. Tracy Daken's drumming is gutteral and punctuating, often more difficult than they first sound to be. All these crucial elements are the base of what makes Black Hare it's very own animal. "Black Hare is bringing back the raw passion in music that people have missed. No Auto-tune, no bullshit, just pure emotion, and love for our music!" ; Quoted by Zack at a show.
Black Hare is the culmination of many influences over many genres shoved together into what one magazine referred to as a, “Hard Rock Homage Layercake." Taz was quoted as saying, "We are Black Hare, we play what moves us."

Zack was born in Bend, Oregon. Inspired by bands at Warped Tour, 2009, Sickness became obessed with becoming a lead vocalist. Many hours of practice were dedicated to Screaming into a mic to Rock Band. Zack soon gained the confidence to join a band in 2010, named "My Friend Z", where he gained wisdom of knowing a lead vocalist is more than just a singer. He was a Frontman: the symbol of what the band stood for.
"While at Warped Tour I was fasinated by the energy of the crowd while watching my favorite band "Chiodos," Zack told us. " I was fasinated by all the people touched by their music. They felt the same as I did. It was like a constant game of catch with energy between us and Craig Owen, Chiodos's Frontman. I noticed the smile on his face as we reacted to him, and I knew then and there I wanted to be up there more than anything!" "Zack is influenced by many different styles of music. some of his influences are: Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) Jonathan Davis (Korn), M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Marilyn Manson, Dave Grohl, Layne Stayely (Alice in Chains), Jim Morrison (The Doors), Dio, and many others

Jered's (Leo Rabid)passion for guitar soon flourished when he picked up an acoustic guitar in sixth grade. After one official lesson, he soon taught himself through tablature and cover songs of metal and grunge. By the age of 20 and being in multiple bands, he soon was learning theory, scales, sweeps, tapping, palm-muting, trilling and other techniques. At 25, is when things started to get serious. He joined "Takin by Tigers" with Tim Berg: the foundation on which Black Hare would begin to take shape. After meeting James for the first time and completing nine shows throughout Oregon with the band, Jered soon realized that the Vocalist was not improving as he should. So, with James in tow, he moved on to form Black Hare with Zack. Finally, at the age of 28, did Jered feel like he was contributing to a musical process. And before that band had played for a year, they already recorded their first album in Hermiston, Oregon. "I'd rather rock all over the planet, than use my degree in the financial world in a cubicle".

Micheal Deeds started playing bass with Black Hare Mid January. Michael, was born in Eugene, Oregon. His drive to be a solid Bassist has propelled his knowledge of music, as well as the creative process of the music itself. His musical aspirations were first forged in the early 90's as an adolescent listening to bands such as; Primus, Pantera, Beck, RATM, Beastie Boys, and Nine Inch Nails. As well as many other bands of that era & beyond. Products of the Grung era, Michael's older siblings fed him a steady diet of crunchy basslines, wild riffs, and ultimately forged his love for all that greasy, smashed in your face rock, that was the early 90's. Driven to embody the passion of that time, Michael does not define himself in terms of style, as a bassist, saying that, "If I label myself as genre specific, that's what the people will expect, and that's not what I feel as a bassist...I want to play what moves the soul. As long as its from the heart and keeps 'em thirsty for more...that's what I'll play." Although passionate, he was unable to follow his musical aspirations until later on in life, now pushing himself to make-up for lost time, he spends hours, upon hours working baselines, in order illustrate himself as a multifaceted bassist. This guy literally picked up a bass a few years back, and hasn't put the damn thing down, since. Michael has played with bands such as "Smokt Rochez" & has worked on a plethora of underground collaborations such as, "Liquid Armada," which utilized the creativity of many independent musicians throughout the Eugene area.

Tracy (Taz) Daken got his nickname from his red hair and his aggressive attack on the drums. Born in Missouri, and raised throughout the US, he was a wanderer, and curious. By the age of 13, he picked up his first guitar. Two years later, he found his true passion, drums. Self taught until college, he received an associates degree in applied percussion and a bachelors in English. After 12 years in the military and retired for one lung, metal knee, shrapnel in the head, and PTSD, he soon jumped back on drums for the first time in 8 years with Black Hare. His style is simply put, "Organic with the music." Drawing from years of grunge,punk, ska, metal, swing, and jazz, he adapts his knowledge to make Black Hare "Pop" with a grunge feel that simply pushes the music further into the skull.

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Jered "Rabid" Kappenman(Guitar),Micheal Deeds(Bass), Zacky "Sickness" Settergren(Lead Vocals), Tracy "Taz" Daken(Drums)
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Black Hare
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Rock / rock / Grunge

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Eugene, OR

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