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Ara is Nigeria's first female talking drummer of repute. She started singing and drumming at the very tender age of five and decided to get serious with music about 20 years ago. By the age of 4 she started showing traits of a drummer which of course was a great disturbance in the house at that time. In the late 80's she recorded her first work in honour of her hero Nelson Mandela and featured on stage for the first time shortly after. She appeared on the Ondo-State Radio vision Corporation, OSRC as a star talent in recognition of her singing talent and for the fact that she had just gotten her health and life back. A few months earlier, all hope had been lost as the doctors couldn't figure out her ailment and advised her parents to take her home, where her father kept reminding her that she couldn't be a star if she died and promised to support her all the way should she not die. She lived!

In the late 1990s, she got her break as an Afro-beat artiste from Femi Lasode's Even Ezra Studios in Lagos. Ara has taken her music across the world. She has played in Ghana, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and various states in the United States of America. She has performed before the Queen of England. She has also performed alongside big names in the global entertainment industry including, Wyclef Jean, Wesley Snipes and the legendary Stevie Wonder for whom she also featured on his album "A time to love" on the track "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved". She played four different percussions on the track.

'Ara' in English means "mystery or wonder" - a name given to her by her grandfather at birth. She is indeed a mystery and a wonder to behold on stage. As Africa's first and finest female talking drummer on the world stage, Ara is known for her dexterity on the talking drum, her beautiful dancing, choreography and soulful singing. She is also a songwriter and producer. These multifaceted talents will again come through in her upcoming album.

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