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Big K/Killah Kizzle is an up and coming artist from Jackson, Mississippi. Residing in the city of Clinton, Mississippi, he is going to grind his music out no matter the location. Big K was born in Gulfport, MS May 31, 1985. Big K has been rapping since he was 13 years old and produced since he was 17. Big K got his name because of how he does things in life instead of size. Due to finances and switching to different jobs, his mother and step father had to move to different locations while Big K transferred to different schools from time to time. Those situations made it a little difficult to established long-time friendships with other children. Big K started writing songs just to be writing them, but as time passed, he started getting deep into the songs he have written. When his cousin found out that he had this talent, he told him that he was a producer and let him hear one of his tracks. Big K freestyled on his beat and left him amazed. His cousin said that he was going to send him a master song, but he never came through during that time. When Big K was working, he made enough money to purchase his own beat machine & produce his own tracks. “If no one can’t do nothing for you, you gotta do it yourself to get your point across” Big K said. Big K graduated from Murrah High School in 2003 and signed in to join the United States Marine Corps Reserve. “I got the Killah Kizzle alias from when I was in the military,” said Big K, “everybody in the Marines be asking what’s going on killa? so I had to run with it.” He made enough money to buy himself some studio equipment to start recording his solo songs. “A lot of people thought that I was crazy for the decisions that I made, but the same people that said that weren’t doing shit for themselves anyway,” said Big K, “I had to have something to fall back on just in case this rap doesn’t jump off for me.” He traveled around and met a lot of people from all over. When he came back home from his training, he was around a lot of phony people and he paid a huge price for that. “I was messing with niggas that got my studio equipment stolen, cheated me out of my funds and everything,” said Big K, “I don’t wanna say any names, I just wanna stay away from the people that want to bring me down instead of build me up.” When he started going to Holmes Community College he met a friend and fellow rapper by the name of Dirty A. He introduced him to his team Deadly Alliance and they have been cool ever since. “I’ve known my niggas Dirty A & Inner G (AG Corporation) since 2004” Big K said, “We lost track for just a lil while because they we’re fucking with the wrong people and I didn’t want a part of that.” He dropped numerous mixtapes and freestyles but his very 1st mixtape was called “A Long Tyme Coming”. It talked about some of his experiences being deployed to Iraq & how it is like in person. “People talk shit about soldier shit being in the battlefield, but I’ve lived it head on.” He was working on an album called “Ist Cut”, but the album wasn’t the way he wanted it so it was never released due to that circumstance. He went to Hinds Community College and graduated after he came back from his two deployments. He went to Jackson State University to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In 2009, he dropped another mixtape entitled Playtime’s Over which was hosted by DJ Reflection. Some people believe that the mixtape wasn’t his best work. “I had went to school and work so I didn’t have time to perfect my craft like I want to,” said Big K, “everything that I do, I have to do it on my own from the rapping to promoting even though I have a clicke that I’m affiliated with.” As years passed, his rapping style got better from his deliveries and storytelling to his punch lines and metaphors. He successfully graduated from Jackson State in 2010 and he will have a new mixtape that is going to drop in 2012. He is going to focus more on getting his material out in different states and countries instead of in the local area. “I can’t fuck around this year coming up,” said Big K, “local artists don’t get any respect where I’m from including myself, so I gotta do what I gotta do.”

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