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The Waveries / Bio

THE WAVERIES are dedicated to returning the Earth to its natural equilibrium. Through music, poetry and intelligent dialogue, we will act to change the relationship between man, nature and technology such that all may become one.

THE WAVERIES officially became a rock band on August 12, 2007, the date of their first live concert at the Log Cabin Saloon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Joe LoPresti had been writing some songs for a concept album called Mother Earth, an environmental tale describing the emerging impact of humans on the natural world and how one individual, Max, is called upon to bring a message of change to humanity in hopes of saving the living Earth. At that time it was a work in progress and so 6 songs were performed from the album along with a variety of blues and rock classics. The writing of Mother Earth is now complete and is composed of 17 songs ultimately intended to be recorded and performed by THE WAVERIES wherein a variety of voices can represent different characters in the story.

While THE WAVERIES have been collaborating on the arrangement of the full rock version and preparing for upcoming studio time, LoPresti has been performing a solo-acoustic version of the rock opera and in this fashion, Mother Earth was performed in its entirety for the first time on Earth Day, 2009 at West Nebraska Community College and the W.O.W. Coffee House in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Subsequently, LoPresti has performed complete solo-acoustic shows on every Earth Day as well as smaller versions of Mother Earth at other venues. This has culminated in a recording of a solo-acoustic version of Mother Earth in 2011. Now THE WAVERIES are ready to gather for the recording of the full rock version of the environmental rock opera, Mother Earth.

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The Waveries
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
308-631-0210 (headoctors@gmail.com)