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Damien The Demon / Bio

first I consider DAMIEN THE DEMON a novelty,with that ,said I plan too use my alter-ego well, song subject matter of DAMIEN THE DEMON will included struggles with his own demon trying feast on" flesh" battle between good and evil .
DAMIEN THE DEMON, An artist who would like singe to Atlantic or Epic records. Bad boy and more, why? that is were I feel I belong . I'll tell you more later... but Anything Epic for my carrier !! I want to entertain people and be exciting to be around at all times and this is beyond the frame of time in music! I'll live for the ages!

ps; i make the most addictive most additive!

DEMON are not all evil just little on darkside :) no I dont warship the devil

people will go crazy over my sound, it's just that rich! demons make people go wild and so those my music .
no I dont warship the devil lol but Damien is that other darker voice in your head :)

some artist like would like to work with : lupe fisco( i real liked the cool) and nappy roots,ghostface

*** ******** ************

lyrics fresh freestyle on paper!

Day in lives of a treacherous MC!

the day in lives.
Daminen tha demon as An mc
sea man
I floating in air waves of radio rotations
of the axis of the makers earth
it aint no real terth in tha Game
I do what temps me
I hit ear drums to base
then see y’all face
you see the-
freshness that spits ?
from top his longs
hits your flesh like, BOM you ain’t seen NOTHING YET!
cursed black cats couldn’t screech
his line with the gun blast .
demon crawling up his spine
run fast
his site blinds and defined deadly
melody for anyone in his Cortical vision
territory of lost souls were he tell his story
looking threw blinders and blinded.
lyrically defendant
don’t the explore unknown realms
when your caught up in my sight
hit your flash, then I rip this track.
Doomed Souls attach your body with a 1000 pitfalls
that hit fools on tracks of dirty ear wax
to shine vehicle rims with
use in lyrical homicides
and run of with this ,with his gun!
I ain’t holding back
putting fool in cold black sakes
your a ball in game so well I played you!
of the layered of mental states
to complex to get out
blanked, visions of your soulless tide up tongues
swimming with soul in hell to dwell in a down fall
and wipe the sweet sweat of his nut
meaning his mic controller.
I holding a bolder or a greasy cal-um to run on you shine-with wheels.
Fresh out car wash so HUSH............................
A grease money rust in piece.....

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Damien The Demon
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Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore Rap

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Ann Arbor, MI
EMR Records and Managemet

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