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Passion and a sense of reclaiming his spot in hip-hop can be heard in Brooklyn’s native and hip hop’s pioneer, Fred Reeves, hip-hop legends, Doc Ice, new single, “The Comeback”. His new single, “The Comeback” takes you on a hip hop journey from when hip hop was considered a ‘craze’ – to the mention of radio DJ/TV personality Donnie Simpson – to how MTV was the ‘in’ before international hip hop magazines – to how rappers now degrade women…with a lack of in the hip hop world…in the chorus you can hear all cultures and people holla’ “Come Back Doc!”

Off of the much buzzed album, “The Doctor Will See You Now”, the hit “The Comeback” is lyrically poured over James Brown’s funky beat “The Big Payback”. It’s impossible to listen to the infectious beat without bobbing your head and singing the chorus.

“The motivation to do this CD came from frustration…how the industry is sort of sweeping LEGENDS under the rug. I felt the need to COMEBACK STRONG.”

With a career spanning more than 23 years, hip-hop legend DOC ICE of the iconic rap group, U.T.F.O., IS BACK. As a member of U.T.F.O., the group dropped their hit single “Roxanne Roxanne” which sold millions of copies in 1984. U.T.F.O. recorded 4 albums charting several number one singles as well as the number 2 album in the country under Michael Jackson on Billboard charts. Doc Ice later signed his first solo deal with Jive Records, where he released two albums, “The Mic Stalker” and “Rely on Selph”. DOC continued to create music while appearing on numerous songs and touring with Chris Rock, The Fresh Fest, Soul Food Fest, The Salt & Pepa Legends Tour, Whodini’s 25th Anniversary, and was honored along with hip-hop pioneers Whodini at the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors.

“The Doctor Will See You Now” is his 3rd solo project. The album is solely written by Doc Ice. He joined forces with DJ Cazz, Full Force, Ace, & Dr. Bob - the surgeon to make up the production team. Doc collaborated with Full Force, Ace Dawg, Joeyo and Kool Moe D on vocal tracks. Taking the advise of Kid Rock, he created an album devoid of expletives and degradation of women; yet, still has singles with bangin’ beats like “Take Me Away”, “They’ll Neva B”, “Listen”, & “Grounded”. . The first single, “The Comeback” is a welcomed change for today’s hip-hop music. Doc Ice considers himself the leading resurgence of rap pioneers - bringing them back to the forefront to save hip-hop. “This industry is SICK and Papa Doc has the cure for what ails the hip-hop soul.” The Doctor Will See You Now” is a wonderfully crafted hip-hop masterpiece – sure to become a classic!

Doc Ice…A star was born - a legend was made!

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