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Know Resistance / Bio

This band has a long and complicated history...so I'll get down to it. Joey formed a band called Know Resistance in Downtown Riverside in 2005. Featuring Joey on rhythm guitar and vocals, a lead guitar player, Austin, a drummer, Korie, and a bassist Jerrad.
After about a year, Joey left the band, Know Resistance, and formed the band Horror Vision with the drummer Korie in 2006. Joey taught his brother, Josh, the basics of playing bass and recruited him to play in the band since Horror Vision needed a bassist. Josh quit after several practices since he couldn't deal with his brother yelling at him for not getting the songs down after only knowing the bass for a few months.
Horror Vision went through a couple of bass players after Josh. They shortly recruited an upright bass player, Ricky. After a couple of shows, Ricky quit the band, and Korie got his friend Eder to play the bass. After many shows, Joey quit the band and thus Horror Vision came to an end around 2006/2007.
Meanwhile, sometime around 2006/2007, Josh was writing his own songs and on the search for a guitar player. He became acquainted with Antonio, a Mexican metalhead/punk rocker who would always take his guitar to school. They jammed and practiced Josh's newly written songs, and liked the results. They found a drummer, Cody and they made a band.
They couldn't think of a name for the band just when Josh's older brother, Joey, came in to the room and suggested "Know Resistance" (the name of his former band) to be the name of the band. Antonio really liked the name, but Josh didn't. The drummer didn't care, so that name stuck. That summer Cody quit the band. Joey filled in on drums for what was supposed to be only temporary, but turned out to be permanent.
After about a year Joey and Josh were driving off somewhere. Joey suggested that the band should not only play the songs that Josh wrote and sung; but they should also play the songs that Joey wrote and sung from when HE was in Know Resistance and his latter band Horror Vision. So, from that point on, Joey's old band's songs (from the former Know Resistance and Horror Vision), AS WELL AS the song's they were already playing, written by Josh, were all part of this new Know Resistance's repertoire. To make it less confusing, the band was now playing songs written by both Josh AND Joey, new and old alike.
Joey, Josh, and Antonio wanted to change the name of the band since we were "combining bands" (more like adding songs but whatever). Joey came up with the name B-Film Born Invasion. Everyone liked it, so we went with that.
After releasing an 8 song demo and playing a handful of shows, everyone decided to change the name back to Know Resistance since B-Film Born Invasion seemed "too long" and "hard to remember."
Sometime around 2008/2009, Josh and Joey decided to kick Antonio out for problems that he was having.
So now Josh and Joey needed someone to play guitar. Josh had a friend who played the guitar so he invited him over to jam. They jammed and Josh showed him some of the bands songs and his friend liked them. The next few times he came over, Joey jammed along and we were playing our songs. Josh asked Mark if he wanted to play in the band and be serious about it and he wanted to.
After many shows and several years we had the line-up of Joey, Josh, and Mark. We released a full-length album titled ALL TOO EASY in May 2011 (Which are still for sale).
After some gigs in 2012 the band went into a funk and went into a bit of a hiatus. We were all too busy with other things going on and didn't make time for shows and/or practice. In the summer of 2013 Josh tried to reconnect with Mark but he was avoided Josh at all costs. So Josh and Joey decided that it was time to get another guitarist. We recruited an old friend and fan of the band, Jarin. Josh trained him in the ways of Know Resistance throughout the summer and fall of 2013.
As of 2014 now we are back and ready to play shows! So hit us up! And thanks for reading all of this.
- Josh

"We look forward to playing a lot of shows in the future and F.S.U.ing all day everyday." - Joey

"We thank everyone who has ever come to our shows and rocked out with us and have said they enjoy our music. It's why we keep doing it." -Josh

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Joey-Drums/Vocals, Josh-Bass/Vocals, Jarin-Guitar/Vocals
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Know Resistance
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Rock / Punk

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Riverside, CA