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Jaggery / Bio

“Torture chamber pop.” “Darkwave jazz.” “Siren rock.” These are a few of the many attempts to describe the sound of Jaggery, an art-rock collective which weaves harp, viola, piano, contrabass, and drum kit into a universe of its own, setting the scene for “one of the most beautiful voices in modern music.” Powerful enough to harness the fiery churnings beneath a volcano as well as the ethereal light of a dying star, frontwoman Singer Mali’s voice regularly leaves listeners viscerally stunned and with goosebumps. She is flanked by a rotating lineup of musicians and instrumentation including Daniel Schubmehl’s West African approach to the drum kit, with jazz influences, Tony Leva’s funky upright bass, Rachel Jayson's avant-classical viola, and Petaluma Vale’s glistening Celtic harp and backing vocals.  This “exotic musical mobile” evokes a world of both dark, earth elements and celestial swirls ~ what Alice Coltrane’s “Journey in Satchidananda” might sound like with Bjork singing over the top of it. The band’s repertoire bridges the delicate and explosive ~ from haunting lullabies to furious, mixed-meter rants; tightly-woven compositions in odd time signatures to catharsis-inducing, barn-burning mini-epics (oft-times within the same song).  Jaggery (the word comes from the dark brown, Indian sugar) has toured up and down the east coast, and has released three recordings:  the 2004 in lethe ep, the 2006 full-length Polyhymnia, and 2010’s recently-released ‘Upon A Penumbra’. Jaggery’s first music video (‘O Scorpio) won their director “Most Promising New England Filmmaker 2009” at the Boston Underground Film Festival. Their second (‘Sea of Sideways) has been making recent waves across Youtube.

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Band Members
singer mali ~ vocals, piano, daniel schubmehl ~ drums, tony leva ~ upright bass, petaluma vale ~ harp, vocals, rachel jayson ~ viola
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Other / darkwave jazz siren rock / torture chamber pop

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Boston, MA
Mali Sastri