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N.O. / Bio

My name is Obadiah Davis, also known as Obie by friends and family and N.O. Mr. 504, to all my hip hop music listeners. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA. As a 24 year old aspiring artist, I always had an ear for music but always kept it from my friends and family. But one day that all had changed. I decided to come out of my shell a few weeks after my home and city was destroyed by the ravaging Hurricane Katrina in 2005. So much emotions and feelings were built up inside of me, the only way I felt I can release my frustration and hurt was through music. Now music will always reflect who I am.

A lot of people say that I have the voice for performing and speaking so I'm always looking for areas for improvement and accepting constructive criticism when needed. See, you can be a performer and not be an artist or be an artist and not be a performer. I consider myself to be both. But always an artist first! This is a goal that I am determined to achieve and I will not give up. I take and apply all the advice that I hear from people that have faith in my music. I don't write for myself but for my listeners. Every time I'm in the studio I always tell myself, "Obie make sure that you write something for the people to listen to, and not just for myself." I feel as though word of mouth is sometimes the best way of advertising. For example, Hershey's. They got famous by word of mouth, not by paid advertising. People loved what they tasted so the word spread like a wild fire. Now if I get the people, my now and future fans to be pleased by the music I produce, it will be like their ears have taste buds, tasting Hershey's spreading my music around like a wild fire. I am currently working on an album that I should be done with by Feb. of 2013.

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I, N.O., JMoten, Wax,Bochamp
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Hip Hop / R&B / Rap

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Lawrence, KS

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