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D.M. Franklin Kane / Bio

D.M. Franklin Kane: The Hard Truth

Always awkward writing one's own bio. Especially when no one has asked you to.

You must admit "D.M. Franklin Kane" rolls off the tongue so much more nicely than "David Malboeuf," my given birth name. "Malibu," "Marlboro," "Beowulf" - just three examples of the misspellings/mispronunciations that I have endured during my tenure.

Somewhere around age 20, I'd had enough. The punk-a-billy / swamp-tonk band I played bass for at the time was releasing a 45 and needed sleeve info. When the front man asked me to spell my last name with his usual grating tone of weary disgust, I responded in kind with "K-A-N-E. Im Franklin F***ing Kane." It was the first thing that came to mind, and that's that. At least I choose to remember it that way. The "D.M." prefix was added later. It's all about roots.

Armed with only a 3-stringed hand-me-down Jazz Bass, I began attempting to write songs at age 15. Inspired by Roy Orbison, Pere Ubu, Fleetwood Mac (all incarnations, except the Dave Walker era), Nick Lowe, and The Who, I worked feverishly to compensate for my complete disinterest in sports and unrequited interest in girls. Finding my voice was difficult early on. "Chucky The Squirrel" was a disheartening early attempt at writing my own "Boris The Spider" that, thankfully, never achieved full-demo status.

After a few frustrated months I threw caution to the wind and churned out some songs that essentially transformed all of my adolescent insecurities into anthems. Everything about myself that I obsessed over, hated, and prayed no one would notice I found myself shouting about at the top of my lungs. I suddenly no longer felt hobbled by those things, but emboldened by them. That's when I knew what path to follow. That's when I knew where to begin.

That was 25 years ago. I'm not shouting as much as I did then but hopefully still tapping into the same vein with each new batch of material. I try to approach each song as if it were the last thing I will ever do. Might be time to lighten up.

I've been in various bands over the years (The Canine Mutiny, Ardent Fools, Franklin Kane's Fist, Citified, ShawFrank Redemption) and have played hundreds of shows to varying degrees of success, but I've only ever felt at home when I'm alone and writing. There are people out there who are far more gifted at connecting with audiences as live performers so, frankly, I don't know what to do about that. I love writing songs, and I want them to be heard. Unfortunately, it makes little sense for someone my age to fight for a sad gig at the local watering hole so I can get a pat on the back from 11 friends. 4 friends? Done with that.

I also refuse to present myself as anything other than someone who has been writing for a long time, virtually under the radar. I am not, nor have I ever been, relevant to whatever "scene" is happening at a given time. I believe the right audience will connect with my work, eventually- if their quest be a noble one and they are pure of heart. I just need to do my part in getting it out and into the mix.

With that ebullient preamble, I am excited to announce the release of "The Hard Truth." This collection of songs explores the age-old themes of Self and our place in The Universe, from a 41 year-old's quasi-adolescent perspective.

Watch out, Miley.

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