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Kahlifornia / Bio

My son's middle name is Kahlfani, his first name was too difficult for some family members to pronounce so they came accustomed to calling him by his middle name which soon turned into the nickname Kahl for short. From there it was a no brainer for me to start calling him Kahli for short cause as anyone who knows me could tell you I have an almost unhealthy love for the state of California. And everyone knows the nickname for California is...Cali. and since I love my state almost as much as my son, it wasn't that much of a leap to embrace the stage name Kahlifornia, spelled uniquely with the "h" after the "a" because like my son's name, "Inaiuryas", I wanted to be different in the hopes that no one else had the same name. I've lived all over California and have spent a significant amount of time in more cities in California than most Californian's ever do. I embody the state of California and its many unique cultures. I embrace the melting pot that is California I love how its one of the few places in the world where you can actually meet a representative from every race in the world and I try to convey that through my music through the use of everything from jargon to beat selection. I strive to say things you don't expect through "word play", similes, metaphors and timing. I'm an emcee who flexes his lyrical prowess to intimidate and inspire listeners for hours with poems that will have rappers looking like cowards.


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