HottPinkVinyl is the alias by which JasMine De Mon goes by. Singer/Songwriter born in Chicago and raised in SoCal, She has worked with many producers and musicians throughout the Hollywood scene. Currently Hottpinkvinyl is putting her efforts towards her new project, FerroElectric; a dark dance punk pop project that pairs glitchy synths and guitar riffs with sick beats and pop punk femme sex vocals. Think NIN meets Britney. She is currently searching for the right collaborators to ignite the spark to a flame and simultaneously signalling the start of a Revolution.

Something she and her crew have conjured. A rising of the wolfpack of the like-minded and those sick and tired of the current status quo; the world wide lack of human decency, no truth or justice amongst us or in government transparency, a loss of mutual respect and a resulting need for a call to defend the little bit of good this world has left.

A Revolution, yes. Dubbed a sort of 'SpiritPunk Revolution' because: the core of this movement will be a revival of the long lost code of ethics and an establishment of camaraderie, not cut-throat dog-eat-dog competition, between artists and all others within the industry. This shift of understanding and the subsequent affects thereof, hopes to alter how we (as artists) treat each other (and everyone else on this planet) and this frame of mind/way of life will be introduced-implemented-experienced-&-expressed- by a network of badass individuals of various professions [entertainment, et al], art [mediums], fashion [styles], and music [genres]; Spanning from Punk, Pop, & Hip Hop to Dance, Metal, & Death Rock 'n' Roll --Rebel Creators Who Dare to Bare Their Soul.

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Jasmine De Mon
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Electronica / Pop / Dance

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Los Angeles, CA
Jacklyn Blatz of Miss Blatz Booking

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