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Stage Soul Music / Bio

Stage Soul Music Bio
(written by Clayton Durant)

As a singer, songwriter, and fashion stylist, Stage Soul Music (born as Marcus Green) has overcome numerous obstacles in his life. Stage was born in Brooklyn, NY, (raised in the 80’s) during a time when Brooklyn’s streets were riddled with drugs and gang violence. Without the means to live comfortably, Stage and his family were forced to stay in Brooklyn. The obstacles he had faced during his childhood has inspired a love for music and shaped his appreciation for the soul genre.
As a child, elementary Catholic school teachers had diagnosed Stage with ADD because he was so hyper active as the extra-talkative social butterfly in class, yet quietly calm in art class. All the while, he was illustrating men’s and women’s apparel. Stage recalls Sister Mary saying to his mom that he was “going to be in jail or dead by the age of 18” because of this disorder. As a result, Stage used his ADD to fuel his musical aspirations.
Along with Brooklyn’s unstable environment, battling ADD, Stage grew up in a highly competitive musical family. Stage said, “my dad played piano for a church choir and also owned/ran a studio in SoHo for rock and R&B artists”. On the other hand, my mom was in a 70’s doo wop group. So around the household there was always a musical influence. My older brother was the hip-hop artist of the family. “I just felt as if I fell deep under the radar, which developed this chip on my shoulder”.
With little recognition from his family in the very beginning, Stage began his career in music with something to prove. He then began writing music to perfect his craft. After completing his first recorded song “Love Games”, he wanted to impress his biggest critic, his mother.
“I played the first song I wrote and recorded, for my mom and she kindly shut it down”. She liked the writing though, but said “the singing wasn’t good at all.”
The rejection from his mother added more fuel to the fire; Stage had a new mission. Develop his voice to become a voice labels would want to sign. After his first failure, Stage went to go train with a vocal coach in Harlem, NY, named Otis Harley. Harley, who was a highly recommended vocal trainer in New York City, had already worked with big named artists like Whitney Houston. During Stage’s time studying and working under Harley, he began to take his voice to new heights. Stage would train with Harley for three years, of which he would interpret and sing many of Curtis Mayfield’s and Marvin Gaye’s songs to develop his falsetto.
“Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye are big influences of my music and the way I want to create my music. But during my last 6 months of training, Otis didn’t charge me. I remembered him telling me I was destined for big things.”
As Stage left Harley’s guidance, he now had to find his own style within his music. Continued to record songs and write in solitude, ‘till he started getting calls from some very influential people within the music industry.
“I received my first call from General Steele (half of the legendary duo Smif N Wessun), one of the most influential hip-hop artists in the industry and one of the last guys to record with TuPac… This was huge because it gave me relevance and credibility.”
As his big break, Stage began recording more with General Steele under his Bucktown USA label. He recorded 5 songs with Steele, Vvs Verbal, Louie Skaggs, & Shabaam Shadeeq which would be the platform for his music career from there on. During the whole process, Stage continuously went to Sony Music Exec Lamar Leggard to continue to pitch him music. There’s one record that would change the way Stage’s music career went.
“One record that changed everything for me was called ‘So I Dream’. I pitched it to Lamar and he loved it.”
After the record, “So I Dream”, Stage went on and signed a record deal with WhatevaOk Ent., which is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. After working with Lamar Leggard, Stage Soul Music, had released his first hit single on 9.11.12 called “So Grown Up” featuring Monia Amore & Cha$e Dollaz.
“Brooklyn is my inspiration for my music. I just want to create a feel good vibe of music for my fans.”
Stage Soul Music has truly come to find his own rhythm and identity within his music. As an R&B/Soul artist, Stage Soul Music is going to be a big time artist coming out of WhatevaOk/Sony Music Entertainment.

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