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Abeer / Bio

Well honestly I don't like the idea of constricting music within a genre, I believe that every genre has its its strengths and hate being judgmental in this case. Any music is good music as long as the musician can successfully convey his desired message to his audience. I really want to remove this genre discrimination in our society. In my upcoming tracks I will inshaAllah be able to use components from various genres and create something which is completely new to the audience's ear.

I personally love listening to anything ranging from classic rock, heavy metal, new age , dupstep , rnb, hiphop , blues , classical , lalon and most of their sub-genres. Though I was primarily influenced to do music by listening to heavy metal; Metallica to be more precise. When I was a kid, the solo from - 'master of puppets' almost gave me a boner! And that's when I fell in love with the guitar; from that time[2008]on-wards I have this weak feeling towards guitar. When I started guitar primarily I liked the idea of keeping that to myself and my close friends and family only - low profile as they say. With time the idea of doing something big with music, and well might sound corny; but here goes, making some sort of contribution! Positive contribution to the people, to my country and to the world maybe. Music is a pretty damn powerful art after all. This idea came to me after I took a 6 month break from guitar in 2011 for my O level examinations. I realized how much I loved music and how much I loved the guitar. Later on I played in a heavy metal band called Accolade in the local underground scene and a school band. Things got serious with my school band mates around 2012 july; and we registered for the local battle of the bands, the biggest one in the country i.e - Incursion Battle of the Bands - 2012 and that was; well, our second gig outside school xP Alhamdullilah we came out as runners up! This got us motivated more to work towards the mainstream scene, later on our school [The Aga Khan School, Dhaka] hosted the first ever inter-school battle of the bands in Bangladesh. Once again we came out as runners up but this time I got the best guitarist award![for the third time in my school xD] Once again thanks to Allah for that achievement even though its nothing big. After that there was this time when I lost motivation towards music but got that back after this small gig in a picnic sort of thing. That was an amazing gig to be honest, though that wasn't that big! Meanwhile I started to explore various other genres of music, hip hop(something I liked from my early childhood), Classical ( thanks to Yngwie Malmsteen) , various subgenres of most modern music, electronic music , house , new age ( one of my personal favorite genres , thanks to Kitaro and Enya) , dubstep ( fell in love with this shit to be honest, got the feeling which I used to get listening to Metallica back when I was a kid) , drum and bass , pop of-course and so on!
Forgot to mention one more thing about me! Well I'm a gear maniac, a good tone and sound is almost as important as the composition to me! And for live shows, the visuals , stage presence and performance are some crucial factors ; at-least me and my band-mates share a similar view on that! Well honestly there's no point for going to a live gig to listen to the music only,you could have just played a record on your ipod or pc! Come on look at all the great bands they all had amazing stage presence! If you cannot relate to this just look at one of Pink Floyd's live performance or if you are the energetic sort why not try Story of the Year; lets not go that far I believe we all share a few common influences like Metallica , Iron Maiden their live performances are epic too! And the biggest musician out there, well he is not out there anymore but his tunes are something which we wont forget anytime soon! Yes MJ! He was, as the say the best entertainer ever! Even look at hip hop, new age performances, presentation is a crucial factor! Hopefully,we will train our-selves to entertain our audiences and give them a good time and make our gigs worth watching!

In sha Allah I will be able to give the music audience something new and meaningful to listen to pretty soon! And -HALO will soon be ready with their first full length album!

Associated Band -
Halo (Guitarist/ Vocalist) - Rock

Ibanez Prestige 1570BK 2011 modded into a Steve Vai Jem.
Schecter Custom Shop C-1 modded into a John Petrucci MM with Kaoss pad.
Jackson Phil Demmel Demmelation with EMG 81-60 Pickups
Ibanez AEG10 BK Acoustic with Fishman Electronics
Yamaha Pacifia with Alnico 5 Slash bridge pickup and custom wiring
Line6 Pod HD500 guitar Multi effect processor
Source Audio Envelope Filter
Bit Commander Guitar Synth
Electro Harmnix Switchblade+
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Native Instruments Battery 3 and 4,Absynth 5,Massive, Reaktor etc.
EZ Drummer ,Ableton Live 9, Fruity Loops 11
various other synths,drum machines,digital audio interfaces and virtual instruments.

Started music - 2010
Solo Career- December 2012
Careeer Highlights-
- 3 Times Best Guitarist - The Aga Khan Educational Services, Bangladesh (2010,2011,2012)
- Incursion Battle of the Bands Runners Up - 2012
- The AKS Inter-School Battle of the Bands Runners Up - 2012

For More info check out my facebook page - 'Abeer'

Influences -
Steve Vai
John Petrucci
Kirk Hammet
Paul Gilbert
Lil wayne
Snoop Dog
Alexi Laiho
Yngwie Malmsteen
Al DI Meola
Alex Lifeson
Mikel Akerfeldt
Micheal Romeo
Chuck Berry
B.B King
Zakk Wylde
Andy Timmons
Andy James
David Gilmour
Joe Satriani
Micheal Angelo Batio
Mark Knofpler
James Hetfield
Synyster Gates
Roope Latvala
Randy Rhodes
Steve Morse
Ritchie Sambora
Oni Hasan
Saadi Muktafi
Zahiduzzaman Setu
George Harrison
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Jack White
Jeff Beck
Flux Pavillion
Nathan Novarro
Zacky Vengence
and many more!

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Dhaka, BD

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