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Chelsea Jean / Bio

Music is in the roots... Born and raised in Southern California, Chelsea Jean was brought up surrounded by music in her life. Her Dad, a rebellious rock n roll lead vocalist, and her Mom, a shy artist/singer songwriter. Chelsea started out with creative writing at a very young age and became very interested in learning how to play the guitar by the time she was 14 years old so her Mom showed her how to play some Led Zeppelin songs on her acoustic guitar. She immediately became obsessed with playing and wanted to learn more. Her parents bought her an Ibanez electric guitar, accompanied by a little Fender Sidekick Reverb 65 amp... and 20 years later she is still playing and writing music...

Chelsea has been busy being a Mom, working full time and playing music every chance she gets (collaborating, playing in bands & writing songs on the side). Except in February of 2010 her whole world stopped when she discovered that she had a benign brain tumor and needed surgery to remove part of it because it was causing her to go blind. July 6th was dooms day... and that's when her life changed forever. It took about a year to get back on her feet after the surgery. She was feeling really angry and lost so she decided to turn to her music for help in her recovery. As soon as she started playing her guitar again not only did her body and mind start to feel the difference, but her soul also started to heal and all of a sudden all this new creativity and drive just came pouring out.

"Music is all I think about these days, all I want to focus on is writing, collaborating, recording, mixing, learning, discovering new music... It makes me feel like a real person because it's like the only thing I do in my life where I feel that I'm actually good at it... Musically I have taken baby steps throughout my life and it sure has been a windy road (feeling insecure about my songs and people not taking me seriously) but I am finally at a place where I just do what I want and don't really think too much about if other people are gonna like it or not. It's about creativity. It comes from somewhere deep inside, and that's what really counts when you're creating music. I can't stand ego-maniacs". ~ Chelsea Jean

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Chelsea "Mean Jean" Guzman ~ Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys
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Chelsea Jean
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Pasadena, CA

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