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Monstrosadus / Bio

Strange noises were first reported in November 2010 although it would be months before any sightings could be confirmed. The first official sighting of the beast, MONSTROSADUS (as referred to by the locals) was in the Spring of 2011 in the heart of the Great Black Swamp. Four musicians from Northwest Ohio, Brad Babcock, Gabe Hernandez, and brothers Sam and Taylor Wright went missing after reports of other worldly noises. With no recent sightings of the musicians or the beast, it is feared that the search for MONSTROSADUS has gone cold.
As a service to the public to raise awareness and help protect all who come in contact with the beast, a brief anatomy description has been compiled by authorities.
Contained within the glowing chest of the MONSTROSADUS beats its powerful resounding heart. Here, the beast's viscous blood pumps rhythmically through its body into its wretched black heart granting it the ability to fluctuate time and tempo on a dime with uncanny consistency.
Within the hideous skull of the MONSTROSADUS lives its vile and sadistic mind. Here all of the deeds of the beast are concocted with complex precision and accuracy. Utilizing slower moving brain wave frequencies alpha and theta, it's bass-is of life is strong and unyielding. Its genius is the glue that holds the beast's entire purpose together.
The hands of the MONSTROSADUS are the devilish tools in which the beast's evil ways are carried out in the physical realm. Its fingers are long, fast, precise, and grotesque as it wields its ax with ease. For those unlucky enough to come face to face with the beast, it is already too late to escape its grasp.
Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the beast's anatomy is the mouth of MONSTROSADUS. Powerful and horrible it can release a war cry of such magnitude, all that hear freeze in intense fear. When in close proximity to the beast, its reeking breath is enough to cause suffocation from its dense and putrid smell. The voice of the beast has only seldom been heard by those who have lived to tell about it. From those unfortunate souls have been reports of thought provoking ideas and descriptive imagery, inspiring graphic scenes in the mind's eye.
Lastly, experts agree that MONSTROSADUS prefers metal music showcasing elements of prog and funk that is easily digestible and challenging to the ear. Driving rhythms and quirky arrangements round out its diet.
Please report any happenings involving MONSTROSADUS to the proper authorities.

General Info

Band Members
Brad Babcock - Drums, Taylor Wright - Vocals, Gabe Hernandez - Bass, Sam Wright - Guitar
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Metal / Monstrosadus

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Liberty Center, OH
Liberation Sound Studio