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Unless the Father reveals itl . It is in one ear then out the other and off to outter space
Audio wine consist of founding member (Ron Jeffers) - All writing,vocals and instruments and recordings and production- Ex Marine Recon 1982-1988
HA! Have worked and wrote songs with many top Nashville songwriters.. The songwriting is my goal. I luv writing a new song each day.. God bless- more Bio> wrote from the sole in a train wreck shoe hole. Started writing in 1977 stupid country songs like (Whiskey fever) and rock instrumentals like "Something else" so the dance floor would say "Hey- play something else" and we would say OK here we go... and we would play the original tune and nobody would know and dance crazy. I knew I had a songwriter sense at that time. After a tour in the US Marines I got back home to work and took up playing guitar and writing stuff again. I played with my local buddies and we had fun making no money at all at clubs. Later after that broke up I auditioned for a Mobile Alabama band (Piranah) Got the job and my 1st gig with them was in Baton Rouge LA. at a festival of over 12,000 . I played with them for a years worth mostly at College fraternity partys, those were my bros. I was the only white dude. Like Steve Martin learning the beat in the movie The Jerk, cant thank em enough . We played some cool deep in the woods blues soul shops to and I learned the blues. I then left to attend Musicians institute of tech in Holywood CA in 1987 for GIT Guitar institute of tech. Before I could attend the school my appendix ruptured and I ended up in Orange County hospital and almost died on the floor surrounded by other Mexicans on the floor.. I made it. 3 weeks later I started attending classes but I eventually found out my name never got called out to play something like all the others did. I had a pass tag to enter the class but I was considered (Dead) or something by the school. The end result was I attended classes at GIT as ( I saw fit) . Most of the time all year I spent walking up n down Hollywood Blvd back n forth looking at the walk of fames. That was so cool.. I could walk right outta class at anytime I got bored and I still graduated GIT... HA!- I do thank my personal guitar teacher though, I did not get outta that.. every Sunday I had to meet him. He was like from Japan and he taught me the diff from a Pent scale and a blues scale and how to combine them- boy did I do that- like with diff girls.. It made cooler sounds... In the 90s I got my publishing deals and a management deal in the country scene. It was really just not for me but I got signed anyway. In the 2000's I got signed to developing software simulation for Microsoft flight simulator series including with the company ABACUS.. I got to work on the Naval flight deck series Flight deck 4,5 and 6. I made all the missions and built the aircraft carriers.. HA! and I got tons of instrumental guitar in those.. I did that for 8 years and still do on the side. Finally I get back to what I wanna do (Is ROCK) -- 100 something new originals and counting since october of 2013. The smell of PC burnt capacitors and the new songs is fierce here in the studio. Just recently replaced nearly 20 caps on the motherboard.. The recordings are now up and running again. Currently sending spit out.. I feel I have enough stuff. I use the Reba Macentyre method.. Make sure you write and record at least 100 new original songs.. give it 4 months of listening and you will know what to pick for a 12 song album.. most of the rest is trash or a few can be considered later.. PEACE! AW

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Ron Jeffers - All you hear on the record.. Auditioning players that sing
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Rock / BlueZ Rock / Prog frog Rock

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Mobile, AL
Ron Silent Music

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