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Jason Vorhees bka Key Loads was born in Columbus, OH where he stayed the first couple days of his life, and then moved to Washington, DC. Southeast to be exact, Robinson Pl. He mostly grew up on the Southside of the District but did spend some time in Maryland. He lived longest on Alabama Ave which is in SE, DC. He was in and out of prison as a juvenile, so at 16 he attempted living in Columbus again. That was short lived, and lasted only a month or so, then he was right back in DC again. By this time Jason was writing poetry, and was not yet known by Keys. Then he was known simply as Red, Reds, or Dirty Reds. Jason was born with Red hair. Funny seeing as he has been a Crip since the age of thirteen. And around Crips since the age of 9, when he was doing odd jobs that a kid that age should have been no where near. Aligning with the "Trays" (39th St Gangster Crips later adding "Notorious" in front or NTNGC) Jason was always wearing his "Crip Rag" which in DC, was not well received. DC is not an area known for Crips or Bloods, just Blocks, Wards, or Hoods. But Jason's mentor, who lived in DC, was from Long Beach California (IGC), and shortly after Jason returned to DC, his mentor, took him to visit the LBC. This was the first time Jason met his "Cuzzins." It was a life altering experience, and from this moment on, he took his alliance, and his "set," very serious.

After coming back from Cali Jason was sent to live upstate New York, where for the first time in his life, rapping was all he had to keep himself occupied. He was sent to sort of like a group home for delinquents. Other kids like himself used to have cyphers, Jason would join in, and he found that he easily dominated all the other kids. It got to the point where they would all just sit and listen to Jason flow. After about a month once again Jason was back in DC. He forced his way out of the restricted situation he found himself in. After returning he continued writing and freestyling with his homies in DC. Jason continued to get better, but never considered taking it much further than something he did amongst his homies. Jason's brother was sentenced to 15 years when Jason was barely 17. He took this very hard, but he buried it, and dealt with it. At age 17 Jason was sent to Juvenile, during this time, legal action was taken against his "set," Jason had no idea. It wasn't until he returned to the hood to find everyone gone. His mentor, disappeared! His set all in prison doing anywhere from 3-9 to 25-Life. Jason didn't know what to do.

When Jason was 18 he returned to Columbus,Oh to live once again, and this time he was determined to stay. During this time in Columbus Jason became, Bubble Up, Kilos, Keys, and finally Key Loads. Keys and Key Loads stuck. These names were giving to him by the streets. They are not rap names, or names he gave himself. These names came from what Jason was doing in the streets, selling cocaine. The crew Key Loads ran with in Columbus, R.U.S.H., or Ruthless Unfadable Street Hustlers, a group of Gang members from different gangs (Crips, Bloods, Peoples, Folks), were also some what Rappers. It was H2O aka Half 2 Onces, Quarter Key aka Pito bka SNITCH! and Key Loads, the rest of the crew you could say were just goons. But Key Loads found his voice in Columbus, his delivery, his flow. He had lyrics before but he didn't know how he wanted to deliver on the mic until he started rapping in his birthplace. Unfortunately after only 6 months in Columbus, Keys was arrested on Conspiracy charges after being ratted on by one of his thought to be close friends (Pito). With money he had saved up from hustlin he got a good lawyer who was able to get his sentence reduced to two years, seeing as this was his first felony as an adult.

Jail is where Key Loads, the rapper, was born. Key Loads went into prison 160 pounds, they cut his long red braids down to a crew cut, and locked him down. Once again, all he found himself able to turn to, was rapping. Oh and chess! He's a Master on them 64 squares. In Prison though, Key Loads began writing whole songs out. He wrote songs about slavery. He wrote songs about Jail, the streets, he wrote stories, he came into a true Emcee. By the time he was released he had filled 6 yellow tablets up with material. Too bad we will never get a chance to here any of it, seeing as the CO's saw fit to confiscate Key Loads' lyrics as "Gang Literature" after he freestyles and bombed on all the CO's during yard day in LOCI or London Ohio Correctional Institution. Upon release Key Loads was now over 200 pounds and unknowingly diabetic. He did not get right back into rapping, but when he met a new roommate who had a radio shack keyboard, Keys began producing. Playing music was not new to Keys, he always played around with keyboards, they fascinated him. And he played trumpet in Middle School and High School. After his new roomate allowed him to make a few beats on his keyboard, Keys was writing and producing ,doing recordings through his computer mic, while playing the beat in the background. He was moving! He was soon introduced to Reason (Production Program) which he quickly mastered and began putting out production after production.

A few years later Keys had his own studio, it wasn't much, but it did the job. Around this time Keys met his now long time friends Payroll Slim & Mack Low. Payroll, Keys met in DC while working in a laundromat called Spin Cycle, Mack, Keys met while handing out flyers for his studio. Payroll and Key Loads would team up with KD Kane and later Monty to form DC Mob. They released a few cuts but the group took a major blow when Payroll Slim had to go to prison. The group never recovered. Mack'N Keys quickly became close friends and hit the studio smoking weed, partying, getting money, and making tracks. They formed the duo called simply Mack'N Keys. cont http://soundcloud.com/KEYLOADS

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