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Seventeen Sisters is comprised of the five extremely beautiful and talented sisters; Sarah, Gracie, Angel, Faith, and Hannah (yes, they are real sisters! AND the only 5 sister fronted rock group I might add ;D), joined by a power quartet of musicians with more than 35 years combined musical experience. Taking inspiration from the greats old and new mixed with their own innovative style, Seventeen Sisters is an infusion of edgy driving rock and soul, with a slight touch of pop. It's old school Shangri La's meets Heart meets modern day Black Keys!

Seventeen Sisters puts on a phenomenal exciting live show filled with fantastic music, amazing vocals, tight harmonies, and loads of energy and passion!!! Performing their own high energy, engaging original songs along with a variety of well known catchy favorite covers arranged to their unique style that everyone can dance to such as; Telephone by Lady GaGa, Barracuda by Heart, Rolling in the Deep by Adele, Dog Days by Florence and the Machine, and many more!!

Seventeen Sisters is a high energy force that leaves you with a lasting impression and wanting more and more! Playing what they've termed “eclectic rock”, Seventeen Sisters presents a new brand of rock. Combining strong female vocals and sibling harmonies, with driving rock instrumentals. Their rhythm section is right on and their guitars are soaring.

Below are links to our websites as well as video links, and a brief bio about the band.

Live performance by Seventeen Sisters: http://youtu.be/yiKWFoOSOH8
Seventeen Sisters Promotional Video: http://vimeo.com/45805463
Seventeen Sisters on CiLiving: http://www.seventeensisters.com/all-about-seventeen-sisters/

Website: www.SeventeenSisters.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/seventeensisters
Reverbnation: www.Reverbnation.com/seventeensisters
Facebook: www.facebook.com/seventeensisters

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Seventeen Sisters Story-
Sisters Sarah, Grace, Angel, Faith, & Hannah Scarbrough have been entertaining since they were very young, having formed a kiddie rock group in their early preteen and teen years. The sisters toured across the country with their first music group, entertaining kids & families at festivals, fairs, special events, for Mayor Daley's Office, children's museums, and amusement parks such as Six Flags.

The sister's were born and raise in the deep south of Mississippi. Ingrained with southern hospitality, and surrounded by the rich sounds of Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, and Southern Gospel music. After losing their home to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Scarbrough family relocated to Illinois.

The girls started Seventeen Sisters about a year and a half ago, and have just released their debut album of original songs "Before the World Ends" which was independently produced and recorded. Combining their talents with a power quartet of musicians with more than 35 years combined musical experience.

The sisters always knew they wanted to form an original rock band. The progression from their first group to Seventeen Sisters, has been natural, as it's given them the opportunity to write songs about subjects they are passionate about. To use music to rebel against status qous, poverty, hunger, social and environmental injustices, effects of war, etc. Also expressing hope and inspiration that you can change not only yourselves in a positive direction, but the world in which we all live in.

Seventeen Sisters is committed to entertaining while impacting the world for the better!

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Band Members
Sarah, Gracie, Angel, Faith & Hannah Scarbrough. Chuck Applebee, Chad Schwenk, Harrison Mitry.
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Seventeen Sisters
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Indie / Rock / Alternative Rock

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Chicago, IL

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