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We are a Waltham Based classic rock/ blues and some surprises, cover band. We play songs from ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, STP, GNR, The Rolling Stones and The Who.

Jim Dempsey-Drums and BG Vocals-Jim has been around the Boston Music Scene since 1984, Previous Bands Have Included, Tech D, Steed and Pretty Boss.

Jorge Moscol- Bass Guitar-BG Vocals-Jorge is the newest member of The Royal Four, He brings his music education from Bostons Famed Music Conservatory to the band , plus his great vocal skills too.

David Von Euw-Lead Vocals-This is Dave's first band, but you would never know! he sounds and preforms like he's been performing for years, his energy and outstanding vocals, front the Royal Four.

Joe Nicolazzo-Gutars and BG Vocals-Joe's Distinctive Guitar playing brings the great sound of classic rock back to life, he is an avid fan of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, GNR and other artist.

Song list-

When I Come Around-Green Day
It's Tricky-Run DMC
My Own Worst Enemy-Lit
Burning Down The House-Talking Heads
Runnin With The Devil-VH
Hey Hey What Can I Do-Led Zep
Good Times-Led Zep
Beverly Hills-Weezer
Self Esteem-Offspring
Rag Doll-Aerosmith
Mr Brownstone-GNR
Do You Your Enemy-Green Day
Been Caught Stealing-Janes Addiction
Sweet Home Alabama/all summer Long/Skynard, Kid Rock
Shook Me all Night Long AC/DC
Sharped Dressed Man-ZZ Top
Fortunate Son-CCR
Hard To Handle-Black Crowes
Hard To Breathe-Maroon 5
Knockin On Heavens Door-Clapton/GNR
Summertime Blues-The Who
Superstitious-Steve Wonder
She Talks To Angels-Black Crowes
Ranmblin Gamblin Man-Bob Seger
Honky Tonk Woman-The Stones
Stay With Me-The Faces
Dead Or Alive-Bon Jovi
Be My Girl-Jet
Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
Come Together-The Beatles
Turn The Page-Bob Seger
Sweet Child O Mine_GNR
My Michelle-GNR
Purple Haze-Hendrix
Roadhouse Blues-The Doors
Fight For Your Right To Party-Beastie Boys
The Way You Are-Bruno Mars
Twice as Hard-Black Crowes
Crazy Train-OzzyOsbourne
Mississippi Queen-Mountain
Fuck You-Cee Lo Green
Nothing But A Goodtime-Poison
War Pigs-Black Sabbath

General Info

Band Members
Jim Dempsey-Drums-BG Vocals, Joe Nicolazzo-Guitars-Vocals, David Von Euw-Vocals-Jorge Moscol-Bass Guitar and BG Vocals
Artist Name
the royal four band
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Waltham, MA