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We Are State Of The Art / Bio

State Of the Art is a three piece Indie Rock band established with the intent to bring a new, independent sound by the consolidation of the individual artist's style. The sound has been described as Dance crazed and energetic. While some have said the lyrics hit a soft spot in the soul. The Artists contributing in the band consist of lead Vocals and rhythm guitarist Johnathan Ramirez, Lead guitarist Tristan Sky, and the Drummer.
Biography State Of the Art was brought together by a friendship of two Artists (Johnathan Ramirez and Tristan Sky) that admired each others style in music. The pair collaborated by writing music with an energetic drive that felt good to them. They kept the concept of a clear headed, relaxed atmosphere where each individual was able to express themselves in their own style through each track. Thus songs like... “Pilot Whale” and “Convince Me to stay” were born. Tristan and Johnathan were looking to expand and enhance the band's sound. They had interviewed and tried-out several instrumentalists, but the main intent was to find the next piece of the puzzle whose ideas could intertwine with the ideals and function of the band. “The Drummer” who presented himself as “the Drummer”. His style was perceived as abstract and random brought out by the mix of jazz, indie rock and disco beats combined with trigger pads and electronic feels. He was immediately linking in to the sound and provided a beautiful contribution to the atmosphere and progression of our songs.
Johnathan Ramirez is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and song writer in “State Of the Art”. His concept of song writing derives from personal experiences and internal fancy. Having been through a breaking point in his life, he decided that he wanted to form or be established with a group that motivated him to reach out to other artist in his community. He had written and composed a backlog of music and ideas that would form the bands under structure and foundation of what it is today. Then he met Tristan Sky.
Tristan Sky is the lead guitarist, backup vocals and music composer in (S.O.T.A.) He had studied guitar theory under several professional instructors until emerging as the talented Artist he is today. Tristan felt he wanted to meet others that shared an interest in creating an established indie group. With meeting Johnathan half way, they decided that it was a done deal. They had not only formed a band but a friendship.
“The Drummer” spawned from the voids of time and space itself. Not really... but he joined the band with a rare style of urban indie rock dance craze mania. He automatically felt the connection to the music and is known as the unknown, nameless drummer. Johnathan once said in a live performance, “ I don’t even know his name and I’m in the band with Him.”
State Of the Art is now under management of tech man Dominic Garner. He provides the band with housing of their equipment, a place to create music, and insight with the direction to go. He also has recorded the band's tracks and given technical support whenever needed. He attends each practice and gives support and encouragement at every stanza.
We Are “State Of the Art” is their motto and their appeal to the music. The experience of this band continues to grow and as the artists grow closer together,so does the sound. While the band continues to come out with new songs it's main priority is to keep a good, steady atmosphere and articulate the manner of the band.

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Johnathan-Vocals,Tristan-Guitar, and The Drummer That Drums.
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We Are State Of The Art
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Austin, TX