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Nfynit / Bio

The sunny afternoon of September 15, 1979 3:33pm, Frankfurt, Germany,
Maine hospital was a commanding one. Why? Well simply for the fact God
had spoken, and what He had spoken came to manifestation. The birth of
Shamel Payne a “BATTLE AX” in the kingdom of God.

Shamel was released from the womb of Rydell Payne then placed in the
surprising conscience arms of father Curtis Payne Jr. Shortly after
arriving to the world Shamel arrived at 545 Dumont Ave Brooklyn, NY
where we began to see the first fruits of this humble man of God. At
the age of 4years Shamel did not waste time as he began to write first
sermon, that’s right sermon as he was led by the Holy Spirit. This was
held in his very own living room. Then after came a second sermon
written on his stoop on Sumner Ave and then preached right outside to
everyone who walked by. Boldness was not a weakness for Shamel.

Also recorded by the memory of Shamel’s mother was an event that took
place in that very same two bedroom apartment. Rydell Payne was
experiencing an agonizing headache. When approached by her son she
told him what was going on. Then very quietly Shamel placed his right
hand on her head, prayed and then left to go finish playing. Seconds
after the headache was gone. Now we see a couple of things taking
place, first we have a bold boy preacher and now the obvious gift of
healing and deliverance.
That was the child hood of Shamel Payne.

In April 24, 1998 Shamel spontaneously decided to join the United
States Marine Corps shortly after graduating high school. He arrived
at MCRD San Diego for basic training as an infantry man at the age of
18. Graduated boot camp, went to the School Of Infantry at the age of
19 finished his training there then off to 29Palms he went and this is
where the life of Shamel gets interesting.
Being surrounded by so many influences Shamel began to lose his
identity as a son of God. He rapidly began smoking cigarettes,
marijuana; drinking hard alcohol even tried some hardcore drugs such
as cocaine, and ecstasy. Not soon after a life of partying and
fornication became the main highway on which he will travel for the
next few years. During his short term in the Marine Corps the spirit
of rebelliousness, pride, anger, lust, deception, theft, malice drugs
and alcohol addiction started to flourish expeditiously. He began to
get in a massive amount of trouble as he was now fully involved in
criminal activity. The Shamel that was once a God fearing boy was now
unaware that he had became a man fulfilling the delight of Satan’s
agenda. Now instead of preparing bible messages he was preparing
schemes to steal and sell weapons and vehicles. Instead of receiving a
breakthrough, he was now commenting breaking and entering. Hurting
people to get what it was he needed was no more easier to comment than
tripping a toddler. Shamel was consumed by darkness.

Eventually the reckless past of Shamel caught up with him. He ended up
doing some county jail time as well as some federal prison time in the
year 2000. After being released from a minimum security military
prison in December of 2001 Shamel resigned in Big Bear, CA for a short
while. There he found his wife Shanika Thomas of 7 years and they
began to settle down and try to start a family but was unsuccessful.
Convinced that the timing of which to start a family has not come
neither did the jobs so Shamel went back to what he knew best a life
of crime, but this time he now has a partner. You would think now that
it was “double trouble” it will be a longer run of activities but it
wasn’t. The hardship and struggles of life (and another arrest for the
both of them) brought them closer together to surrender together.
Shamel and his wife began to attend church services at Big Bear
Believers Chapel where Eric Hoerger was Pastor. At that church they
were married and off to Victorville they went. Due to a wild fire that
nearly consumed Big Bear Mountain.

In 2003 Shamel rededicated his life to Jesus. He gave up all that was
once intriguing to him and to the advice of his mother to now turn his
attention toward Christian rap. The Lord had giving her a message to
give to her son that he now need to produce music about his life and
tell his testimony on how He had brought him out.

Then at the age of 24, Shamel met a young man named Jamel Jiggetts
better known as “Risen” in Victorville, California. This was when his
music ministry began.
Shamel heard a conversation that was taking place at a Ramada Inn
while being outdoor security for a night club in the Ramada Inn. That
conversation led to his first involvement in Street Gospel and Nfynit
was now the name in which he would call himself. Nfynit joined a group
called Midlyfe Family which stood for Men In Discipleship for Lyfe.
Midlyfe had a good run of 6years. They ministered all over California,
but God had other plans. God teamed Nfynit with 3 great men of God:
Pastor Innocent Odinigwe of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God
Kings’ Assembly, where Nfynit is an active member and youth leader,
Shane BIG SHIZL Coleman Jr founder and owner of G13 production, and
Johnny RAZE Green a dear friend and great brother of 8 plus years. The
three of them are helping and supporting Nfynit to fulfill his calling
in the music industry and Pastoral calling on his life.
With the empowering of the Holy Spirit and the grace of the Eternal
Rock of Ages Nfynit is collaborating with a few chosen men and women
of God’s army to impart in a dying generation, bring back those who
are willing to live and/or die for Christ and break every generational
and ancestral curses that are divesting the lives of God’s children.

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